2 thoughts on “Still Sorting Boxes

  1. He’s gonna be grateful when society collapses and he has all that fuel on hand to keep warm. Although I’m always confused by these people who keep things that make them so miserable. It isn’t that hard to get rid of comics you don’t want.

    I’ve been buying longboxes slowly over the last year, one or two at a time, so I didn’t have to keep my comics stored in various plastic bins and my old chest o’ drawers. I’ve actually not wound up needing as many as I feared I would (so far). I’m not sure if it’s an improvement so much as a lateral move in terms of storage, but the boxes do seem easier to organize, and I can also use them as a makeshift table for some other stuff I haven’t found a better place to store yet.


    1. I’ve finished my resorting and have ended up with 31 boxes, most holding around 200-250 issues each. I’ve tried to be a bit harder in my review and get rid of a ton of old issues that I’ll never re-read and have about 200 or so to get rid of.

      Now I just need to build a new set of shelves to hold the new boxes…


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