How Times Have Changed

I came across a cartoon yesterday that ties in with a comment I posted on Mr. Morbid’s House of Fun a while back that ties in with the subject matter of the cartoon; it appears that very little happens in the way of net traffic and updates these days unless it’s via Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, Twitter)

I’ve no doubt I could set up a Facebook page linked to this site and cross-post and I’d probably end up reaching a larger number of people . . . but that means buying into Facebook and their methods/ethos, and while I’m mainly happy to go along with Google, Facebook just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It could be argued that Google, like Facebook, is all about ads and tracking you and targeting ads at you, but Facebook just throws it in your . . . um, face. At least I assume it still does as I haven’t been on there for almost four years now, but everything I read about it just reinforces what a horrible platform it is.

A couple of people have emailed me asking if I have a Facebook profile/page and could they send me a friend request and I don’t; I stopped using Facebook four years ago, bored with the banality and ubiquity of it, and haven’t missed it once. If people like my little corner of the net and want to “like” and share it in one way or another, then great, but just don’t expect me to use Facebook as a portal for it.

Click on the image to go to the site to read the rest of the cartoon – given the subject matter, I didn’t want to post the whole thing here as that would sort of be missing the point of it!

9 thoughts on “How Times Have Changed

  1. That cartoon is so dead-on it’s not even funny. Not even a little. #Truth.
    Very, very briefly I too started pimping my blog on my FB page, but wasn’t really getting the results I wanted, so I gave up and said “Fuck it!”.
    I know of a couple bloggers who I follow, who use FB to promote their blogs, but I’d say it’s debatable on just how much of a positive impact its made as far as getting new eyes on the product.

    The only social media outlet I pimp my blog on these days is only Twitter.
    Way less ads and fuss.


    1. I mostly use it to keep track of family and friends. I only have the links going there because I have the account so why not? I have been wanting to use Tumblr more for stuff that doesn’t work on my regular sites but that hasn’t happened.


  2. I’ve never had a Facebook account. I debated it a few times, as a way to keep track of acquaintances from college, or from temp jobs, but could never commit. Mostly for the reasons you stated, concerns with the ads and them sharing my info. And all the stupidity, of course.

    Also, I don’t know how much the people I would want to keep in touch with would actually care about the stuff I post on my blog. So I doubt it would help much, ultimately.


    1. Yeah, there’s only one of my friends who’s into comics and reads this site; the others just stare blankly at me whenever I mention Crisis or Zero Hour or whatever, so there’s no point me trying to promote this through FB.


  3. Yeah you’d really have to know your audience and whether or not you have enough of an audience/following to make a venture like that worthwhile.

    You don’t like Twitter Gary?
    Tumbler is basically an art blog in the loosest term of the word blog.
    Reminds me of Twitter a bit.
    Then there’s Instagram, which is for celebs, sort-of celebs, wanna-be celebs, and the rest of the self-important crowd. I used to have one only to look at photos of hot chicks and action figures, so while it’s kind of ok in terms of self-promotion, I don’t know if I’d promote a blog that way either, but feel free to try.


    1. I was on Twitter for about two weeks before I realised I hated it, it was that quick.

      I guess I’m just not sociable enough for social media!


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