Black Canary Tied Up By Sportsmaster

There: it’s the title of the post. Happy now?

What am I talking about, you may ask? This is a reaction to me glancing at the search terms used by people in the big wide world that bring them to this little corner of the web, in particular, these terms:

There’s a few references to boobs that always crop up ever since I posted this little item back last year, and most of the other phrases aren’t unusual for a comics blog (though “amazon” sounds randomly generic!) but it’s that fourth one down which caught my eye and became the title of this post.

black canary tied up by sportsmaster

That really is quite specific; not only are people looking for Black Canary, they want her tied up; but not only tied up, but tied up specifically by Sportsmaster.

I performed the same search in Google:

No surprise, then, that this blog is the first text result and also the second image result, all because of this post from a couple of months ago. The rest of the results were clips from one animated Batman show or another before getting into the realms of fan-fiction, about which I will take the advice of Earth-2’s Jimmy Olsen.

Fan fiction about Black Canary being tied up? Not for me, thanks.

5 thoughts on “Black Canary Tied Up By Sportsmaster

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I looked it up and sure enough, it’s really a thing.
    So my question is, was it typed in once and just stuck, or is there a whole sub-culture of “fans” that keep looking for this? And why the Sportsmaster of all people? Maybe Crock’s getting the last laugh on his most hated of foes and got his kids, friends and co-workers to troll Canary bu doing this. Has to be.


    1. Weirdly it looks like there’s a few instances of this; you say you looked it up – you’re a braver man than me!

      Stay tuned, though, as I’m feeling a skit coming on about this. It’s not going to end well for Sportsmaster…


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