Who Ya Gonna Call?

Back in 1996, you could call anyone as long as you’ve subscribed to two DC Comics titles:

And as long as you didn’t want to talk for more than five minutes, that is.

Seriously? A five minute pre-paid phonecard is something worth touting as an incentive to subscribing to two titles?

Any of my American visitors want to try ringing (516) 756-0350 and letting me know what happens . . . ?

But look – Conner, Wally and Kyle! The 90s weren’t all bad.

7 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call?

  1. Just called it, and it’s no longer is service…..to the fans….;)
    Seriously though, no it doesn’t work anymore. And no, I don’t see a brief 5 minute conversation with who the fuck ever over there about whatever was buzzing on your mind back then would’ve been seen as an “incentive” to subscribe. ’96, ’96, hmm, well what I can remember is that the Bring back Hal movement was HEAT, was still going strong, although it had softened its stance on Kyle by then, as did must fans. ’97 was his year to shine once Morrison put him on the JLA. I don’t know. Fire/hire all those Image artists copycats they were hiring up back then? Idk….


    1. Yeah, Kyle Rayner had a lot of resistance but, for me, he was a good, solid Lantern – Ron Marz’s work on the title throughout most of the 90s was great, I thought.

      While I enjoyed Hal coming back, I’m glad they did it without ditching Kyle and pretending he never existed.

      Not tempted to subscribe with a 5 minute phone card on offer? I am surprised! But hey, thanks for calling the number!

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      1. Didn’t they though during the phew 52 to some degree. After they quickly found out Tyler Kirkham was the only one keeping people on New Guardians, the series folded and Kyle was in limbo for a while until Tom King saved him for his Omega Men series.

        No, not even, and No problem.


      2. I picked up Omega Men in the trade having heard very good things about it – the only thing that bugged me was Kyle suddenly becoming a devout Catholic. I remember his mother was Irish-American but am pretty sure there was nothing so overt in Marz’s run about Kyle being so devout.

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      3. Don’t think so either, unless they tried to run with that angle because of his father, but even then religion, or rather Catholicism was never really brought up. Maybe somewhere in that New Guardians series?


      4. Nah, not even in New Guardians – the Omega Men series is that only one that, to my knowledge, has shown Kyle as such a devout Catholic.

        Having read pretty much everything with Kyle in from his very first appearance, to see him holding a rosary and praying just came out of nowhere and disappointed me. Not because it was Catholicism, more that it was such a big change to the character.


      5. And yeah Ron Marz way obviously way better as a voice for Kyle than he was for Hal, despite not being given the chance to for as long as he was Kyle’s.


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