100 Issues Ago December 2009

I came across this “100 Issues Ago” panel in an old Justice League of America and thought I’d tidy it up and re-purpose it. If one month = one issue, what was I reading 100 Issues Ago?

Gail Simone’s Secret Six run was always a delight, whether as part of the Villains United run-up to Infinite Crisis, the mini-series that followed that or the well deserved ongoing series it had later. She took a bunch of misfit criminals, weirdos and anti-heroes and made them into a bizarre, messed up family that you couldn’t help but care about, without shying away from the fact that most of them were killers.

Sadly, the New 52 version by Simone didn’t catch on so well, possibly because the new team (even with a few old favourites) just didn’t seem to work together so well, even with the re-introduction of Elongated Man and Sue Dibny, an event which should have attracted more attention given the uproar caused by Ralph and Sue’s deaths in previous years.

Still, the first few volumes of Secret Six are well worth picking up if you’ve never read them.

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  1. Simone brought back Ralph and Sue? I didn’t realize that. I tried that Secret Six volume when it first came out, but I didn’t like Lashley’s art, and then there was something like a three-month delay between issues 1 and 2, and I decided I didn’t care enough to stick with it.

    I ran hot and cold on the Secret Six ongoing Simone from around 2009. When it was on, I really loved the book. Like the fight with the Suicide Squad (even if it was a Blackest Night tie-in). But there were times Simone was trying too hard, and I wasn’t feeling it at all. The book would go from being one of my favorites, to considering dropping it from one arc to the next. Still, I stuck with it all the way to its cancelation at the start of the new 52, so more good than bad overall.

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    1. The character of Big Shot in Secret Six was revealed to be Ralph in disguise and, as the series wrapped up, he returned to his Elongated Man identity (though with a horrible, orange costume) and Sue was brought back, too.

      For me, the pre-New 52 was the better, but I do have a fondness for Simone’s work.

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  2. I second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, etc, those recommendations. I appreciate that Simone was tryijng to do the best she could with the gutted options for a cast she was given for that Phew 52 series, but she might as well have said “Thanks, but no thanks.” Too bad, because maybe a Rebirth reboot might be a better shot. Maybe not. But yeah, I do miss the old series. Such a credit to Simone for that team to come up out of such a shitty “event” like Infinite Crisis. I still need to collect those original minis in trade form.


    1. I think the only thing preventing a Rebirth Secret Six is the current Suicide Squad; they’re not too dissimilar in concept – bad guys banding together, doing some good, but still bad guys – that it’d be hard for the casual reader to tell them apart, maybe.

      And hey – Infinite Crisis wasn’t shitty! I don’t annotate shitty events!

      Oh wait . . . Bloodlines . . . damn it . . .

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      1. Agree to disagree then, cause IC was the shits and one of the worst of the CRISISI’s. The countdown special was probably the best of the entire “event” even though it was all due to Ted Kord’s unfortunate and unforgivable death. Plus Dan Dildo almost killed off Dick…..Almost….


      2. Now see I’ll take FC over IC any day myself. Was DC perfect in every way? No, but it was ambitious and dark AF, and balls to the wall. IC was trying too hard to be relevant. Millennium huh? It wasn’t that bad, and overall wasn’t a bad Englehart story.


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