What The Spam?

Things have been quiet round here as I’m up to my elbows in the Millennium annotations – part way through #6 and you would not believe how many times a variation of “No man escapes the Manhunters!” gets said.

Anyway, checking my spam folder yesterday and I couldn’t help but as “What?”

There’s two dozen of those comments in my spam filter right now – each of them simply asking “What?”

It’s like spam bots don’t even try anymore. I almost long for the days when someone would tell me Superman sucks.

5 thoughts on “What The Spam?

  1. Seriously man, doesn’t the catcha option work on your site anymore? Plus you’d think they’d all elaborate further, other than all ask what like they’re members of the Cult of WHAT?


      1. I swear I thought your comment said “sperm filter.” Maybe that would be just as effective for filtering spam in the long term 😉


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