Monday Mash-Ups #4

Back on my old blog, I ran a series of related posts on Mondays – there was Monday Covers where I just picked out random, favourite covers; Monday Memes where I picked out covers that shared a theme; Monday Memories when I looked back at random comics from years gone by; and Who Was Who Is Who during which, just after the launch of the New 52, I went through every issue of Who’s Who and tried to predict whether they’d appear in the New 52 or not.

I’ve been thinking about doing something else for a Monday post and so, HUGELY influenced by the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis, I’ve mashed up a few comic covers.

I randomly generate two years and two months and then compare the titles I own from both those dates, trying to find some covers that, with a little basic photoshopping, I can mash together.

Another old meets new cover where Black Alice causes trouble for Hal Jordan.

8 thoughts on “Monday Mash-Ups #4

  1. Idk why but just looking at this covers reminds of the song “All the young girls love Alice” by Elton John.
    Like you, Ross’s Super Team-Up blog has also inspired me in the past to make my own covers or simply blog about imaginary fights and team-ups with similar or odd choices for heroes and villains.

    Nicely done.


    1. Thanks, was happy with this one.

      The “inspiration” from Super Team Families becomes even more blatant from #10 onwards when I realised how he was putting his covers together!

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      1. Besides photoshop? I know he used to just use the windows paint app, but now he uses the adope photoshop program. I would too if I wasn’t so cheap.


      2. Ah, no, I meant the overall approach to putting the covers together – you’ll see what I mean when we get to #10.

        I used to have Photoshop Elements – bought it when it was on sale years ago – but over the last two/three years, I’ve been using, a freeware package that’s way better than Paint but obviously not as feature rich as Photoshop. Check it out, it’s free and bloody good, too; all the images I’ve made, whether the Mash-ups, the site logo, the right hand border images, have all been made using it.

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      3. Really? I mean I haven’t exactly mastered the program myself, but I’m no novice either. It’s my go to when I want to cut and paste a character into something, since you can’t do that with Paint.Net…that I know of. I guess you can in MS Paint since that’s what Ross from Super-Team Up used to do but I’ve never really tried doing all that with the program.


      4. Yep, cutting and pasting’s easy in – get used to using layers and it works a treat.

        Copy your character, go to your new image, create a layer, paste it in. Repeat as needed and manipulate each layer individually. Once finished, merge all the layers.

        Like I say, all my mash-ups and pretty much every other picture on this site that isn’t lifted from the net has been made using

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