Joker Phoenix Part 2

There’s a video posted by Hollywood Pipeline of Joaquin Phoenix in full costume and make-up as the Joker; you can see it here and there’s some photos here.

I am all for saying “let’s wait and see” and I try not to go all raging internet fanboy but this . . .

. . . just looks like a little too close to this . . .

for my liking.

For the record, I have never liked the Adam West Batman series – if you think it’s wonderfully ironic and delightfully camp in retrospect, you are wrong: the entire bloody thing was dreadful.

Watch the video, though – the protesters are holding signs referencing “clown town” and “clown makes me frown” and “clown mayor” . . not a mention (that I could see) of the Joker.

Is he going to be known as the Clown in this film?! I’d say surely not but then I would have said that neither Superman nor Batman ever kill anyone, either . . .

9 thoughts on “Joker Phoenix Part 2

  1. Well damn, I guess we can’t be friends anymore because I have a special place in my heart for the Adam West Batman. I grew up watching the reruns, so between that and the Tim Burton Batman movie, I was set as a Batman fan for life.

    I can understand why the hate for that show. One one hand It gave Batman a black eye that lasted for years until Tim Burton came along, but then I’d argue Joel Shulmacher and his nipple obsession brought that black eye right back with his string of horrible bat-flicks.

    Buuuuuuttttt, as they’ve the creators said in the past, they were just copying the campiness that was already present in the bat-books at the time.

    So really on the other hand if not for the show, Batman comics would’ve been cancelled, so there’s that.

    Like you, I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see more, but my first impression upon hearing that Phoenix was playing the Joker was “Really? Uh no.”
    But the latest initial trailer and pics might make reconsider.
    I mean, I was wrong about Heath Ledger, BUT right about Ben Ass-flick, so we’ll see.


    1. Hey, friends can disagree!

      I like the Burton Batman films – probably the second over the first – but Schumacher’s stuff just left me cold. The sooner the world forgets about them, the better.


      1. Ha ha, true. We’re cool brother, we’ll cool, ha ha.
        You liked the 2nd over the 1st? Hmm, interesting. I’m the opposite, but I love both films. I’m just glad we never got to see Robin Williams as the Riddler. Yes I love Robin Williams, but I think Jim Carrey proved why casting a comedian to play the Riddler isn’t a good option. And yes, I’ll concede that Frank Gorshin’s performance probably wasn’t the best influence to follow.


      2. Exactly. If you need a mental image, picture him in the suit and hat he wore during the movie Toys. Now picture it Green and Black. That’s what he’d look like. Maybe with a mask. Yeah, doesn’t do it for me either.


  2. I’m sure this thing will be a disaster, but I would prefer a Joker with a little more Romero and a little less Ledger. A little more bizarre crime sprees, less mass murder. I expect this will lean more towards the latter, but we’ll probably end up with something like whatever the hell Jared Leto was doing (besides embarrassing himself, I mean).

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    1. Yeah, I suspect we’re going to get a Joker that’s a crazy psychotic killer rather than a crazy crook, but I guess we wait and see.

      My hope for Jared Leto’s Joker is that he appears in the forthcoming Birds of Prey film and gets killed on-screen with no hope of resurrection in the first ten minute, pre-credits scene. That way we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the film.

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      1. Amen! Even the director of the film now admits he fucked up. Yeah, a little too late for that asshole.

        Ledger’s performance obviously still casts a large shadow 10 years later, and thus you can see the visual influence already. I guess I’d rather that then swinging back to whatever the fuck Leto’s version was supposed to be.


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