I Feel Like Joseph Stalin

Stalin’s Russia was a hell of a place to be, particularly if you fell foul of the dictator; probably the nicest thing that could happen to you would be to have your image erased from various photos, so this:

became this:

There’s an interesting article about it over at Wikipedia and I’ve read some other stuff about it over the years.

Why bring this up? Well, I’m mid-way through preparing a mash-up and realised I was doing something similar. While most of the recent ones I’ve done have taken characters from covers and merged them into new scenes, every now and then it’s easier for me to add someone into an existing cover, much like I did at the start.

This is one that won’t get show for months to come, but Stalin came to mind as I was erasing a couple of characters so this:

becomes this:

Now I just have to add a couple of characters into that scene.

6 thoughts on “I Feel Like Joseph Stalin

  1. Ok, how the hell did you do that!?!? Even working meticulously for hours on end with a clone tool, I still couldn’t duplicate that feat. Which program are you using to do that?

    Makes we wonder now that you mentioned him, how Stalin was able to photoshop people out like that without the benefit of a computer.


    1. It took me an hour or so, but it’s all done in paint.net using layers. Create a new layer over the original and draw in the dark lines either by hand or using the line tool over the areas that you want to cover up. Then insert a new layer over the original but beneath the lines layer and use colours from the original on that layer so that it hides the original but doesn’t go over the lines. It’s fairly easy with this sort of cartoony cover; the more realistic the image, the harder it is.

      As to the Stalin stuff – I’d guess a combination of the original picture being painted on and then rephotographed…?

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