Mash-Up #27

Twice a week I randomly generate two dates and then compare the titles I own from both of them, trying to find some covers that, with a little basic photoshopping, I can mash together, and then I force the results on you lovely people.

By the way, I admit to being HUGELY influenced by the wonderful Super-Team Family blog which has been doing this for years (and a lot better) on an almost daily basis.

Can you imagine this lot facing off against each other? Back in the good old days, this would have been a laugh a minute. Now? They’d end up being dismembered in close-up while heroes grit their teeth and swear this will never happen again . . .

6 thoughts on “Mash-Up #27

  1. You’re definitely right about that. Oh and Dumb Bunny would’ve gotten raped AND murdered to boot.
    Good choice for art selection here as I feel they’ve never looked as good as when Jesus Saiz drew them.
    I miss his run on TB&TB….


    1. Yeah, neither of these teams would end up coming out of it well, would they.

      From memory, I think that version of Brave and The Bold died when J Michael Straczynski walked away from it, didn’t it? But yeah, nice art.


      1. Yeah, pretty much. We never got to see that Adam Strange and Lois Lane team up that was next. I still want to find the issue that had the Atom team up with the Joker.


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