That post title isn’t a typo – it looks like the next big event will be MARVEL ZOMBIES sorry, DCEASED which, if nothing else, will have bloggers cursing auto-correct for months to come.

The article over at Newsarama doesn’t have a lot of information other than Tom Taylor’s involvement, the likelihood of there being a zombie outbreak in the DCU, and that puntastic title.

Not really being a fan of zombies and having bailed on HEROES IN CRISIS after just two issues, unless more information comes out to change my mind, I probably won’t be getting this.

Was it only a couple of years ago that we were all overjoyed at the promise of the Rebirth initiative to bring hope back to the DCU?

7 thoughts on “DCeased?

  1. I know right, and now it seems to be back to business as usual now that Johns has stepped down and let Dan Dildo back on to unnecessarily darken things back up again. Plus hasn’t DC already gotten their copying of Marvel Zombies out of the way with Blackest Night 10 years ago? Jesus…..


    1. Rebirth sounded like such a hit – there was positive reaction both in terms of media attention and sales and yet, two years later, HEROES IN CRISIS has killed off a bunch of heroes and now this is being touted as the next big thing.

      I’ve a feeling Johns will finish DOOMSDAY CLOCK, do his THREE JOKERS story (which will probably become out-of-continuity) and then be out the door. And what’s the betting the DCU doesn’t tie up with the end of DOOMSDAY CLOCK as per the original plan? I am becoming less and less interested in the mainstream DCU outside of the books I’m getting.

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      1. As far as writing comics, maybe he might be done since he’s working on tv shows and movies, and that seems to be more of a priority than the comics right now. At this point, maybe he’s burnt out because he sure seems to be running out of good story ideas, at least that’s how I see it. Looks like DC’s reverting back to the mess it was in pre-Flashpoint, and we all know what happened after that.


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