3 thoughts on “Mash-Up #246 The Spectre vs the Challengers of the Unknown

  1. I didn’t really read the Hal Spectre stuff, but the artwork, especially the covers were pretty damn cool to look at. I think with DeMatties writing it, it was mostly psychological stuff and him trying to earn redemption for what the yellow alien fear bug made him do. I’m glad they eventually restored him back to being Green Lantern again, because, man was that a totally out of left field choice for a replacement host. Maybe next time, don’t let a man without fear who eventually snapped and killed most of his fellow officers become the host of such an powerful entity as the Spectre.


    1. I sort of understood Jordan wanting to gain redemption – he was a hero who went bad, realised what he’d done was wrong so wanted to earn a second chance. That makes sense.

      Changing the Spectre from the spirit of vengeance to one of redemption, however, didn’t work at all. What might have been better would have been to have Jordan as a totally new spirit for redemption and then pitch him against the Spectre.

      Anyway, it was a relief when the Spectre returned to his roots, although he’s never been as interesting as he was in the series by Ostrander and Mandrake.

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      1. Yeah, I mean I get it gave Hal something to do and started him on the road back to becoming a hero again, but it happened at the expense of the Spectre character. They never really did anything meaningful with the Hal spectre character other than focus on the redemption stuff, when it would’ve been so much cooler to see him tackle past foes and new ones. The closest we got to that was when Hal guest-starred in the Johnny Sorrow arc of the late 90’s JSA series.


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