6 thoughts on “Mash-Up #264 Spectre vs Warlock

  1. Ok, see now I want to know the backstory to this and how it turns out. I’m assuming both characters go on philosophical and religious rants, yet still somehow learn something from each other, right? Is that the jist of it?
    Also, considering Adam Warlock’s basically a christ-like figure ( I mean he WAS crucified at one point to save a world) why would the Spectre judge him? Religion on comic books is a tricky thing. I’d have to guess Warlock doesn’t believe in god, therefore why would be judged by him? And since god decides who/whom to sic the Spectre on, what does he have against Adam?


    1. I lean more towards Ostrander’s version of the Spectre who wasn’t controlled or directed by God, rather it was the crimes and the victims of those crimes that drew his attention and, ultimately, his wrath. So whatever Warlock’s done, it’s clearly something big and bad enough to have ol’ Moonface turn up.

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    1. Nah, Starlin’s not writing this one – I still haven’t forgiven him for that HAWKMAN SPECIAL back in 2008 when he basically tried to wipe out everything that Geoff Johns had done to rehabilitate Hawkman.


      1. That’s good to know. I remember that Hawkman Special, cripes that was dumb. And in response to Dale’s comment, Adam expelled all good and evil from his soul at some point, Spectre might object to that. Especially since the good and evil each went on to become beings of their own, both of whom caused major trouble in the ’90s.

        Trouble that could only be solved by Adam Warlock and Thanos naturally, because Starlin was writing the books so no other character is remotely competent.


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