7 thoughts on “Mash-Up #296 Batman vs Dracula

  1. I could be wrong (and probably am) but I don’t think Batman and Dracula have ever really interacted with each other more than a few times throughout the years despite all expectations and assumptions.
    LOVED and still love the Kelly Jones Vampire Batman trilogy though.


      1. I’m sure they’ve met before that though right? There was an unofficial movie made back in 1967, but other than that I can’t find any evidence they officially met prior to 1991, even though that’s an Elseworld’s tale.


      2. Comic-wise, I think the RED RAIN book was their first meet up. It might be because Marvel were using Dracula so heavily in the 70s that DC figured they couldn’t team up one of their biggest stars with a character some might describe as a Marvel character. Maybe?

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