The Future State Of DC

Remember all the hoo-hah earlier this year about the planned 5G/Generations event that apparently helped play a part in the removal of Dan DiDio from DC? Part of the issue was that the plan was to replace all the usual heroes’ alter egos with brand new ones, maybe as a jumping on point for new readers, maybe as an event with everything eventually resetting. So Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana would no longer be Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman but rather newer, younger characters would be wearing those suits and taking on those identities.

Well it sure sounds like DC wants to have its cake and eat it with the announcement over the weekend about FUTURE STATE, a two month event where…

future and alternate versions of the heroes of the DC Universe in a series of miniseries and anthology titles, which will replace the publisher’s regular monthly titles for two months in January and February 2021

Regular series will go on hiatus to be replaced by these new issues where an “all-new Batman” along with “Clark’s son Jon [who] has taken on the mantle of Superman” and “Yara Flor is … the new Wonder Woman” take over.

Alongside those, there’s a couple of Green Lantern and Justice League titles and maybe one or two others that I might get to replace the regular monthly titles but honestly . . . I’m tempted not to bother with them at all.

We shall have to see, I guess.

6 thoughts on “The Future State Of DC

  1. Why do they do this? Honestly, why? Sure this all looks good, the new costume designs look really good and all, and it certainly has potential, but really, it’s not going to last nor having long-lasting implications and repercussions in the end. This no different than back in the mid-90’s when the Age of Apocalypse verse temporarily replaced the regular monthly titles with AoA titles. Didn’t last then, it’ll be no different here. Does make for a nice Elseworlds story though.


      1. Shit like is exactly why I stopped buying and reading comics on a regular basis. No new ideas, no new gimmicks, no new characters worth investing in, just the same old shit in a “new” wrapper. DC’s the worst offender (for now) as far as countless reboots to continuity go. They’re like a kid with ADHD, never able to focus and develop just one universe and continuity without quickly losing interest and starting all over again. Honestly, the best course of action would be to start treating monthly series as tv seasons and formatting them from there. 12 regular episodes a year, with a two specials acting as book ends.


      2. Yeah, it does feel tired and a little like they’re taking the easy route – rather than knuckling down and investing in characters and stories, it’s just one event after another with nothing really sticking.

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  2. I’ve been going over it on my site and I’m not liking what I’m seeing. I think they should have use the time during the Diamond shutdown to replace 5G but all they apparently did was tweak it while focusing on finding a new distributor. Hopefully it’s the last remnants of DiDio’s Darker DC.


    1. Yeah, as I mentioned in response to Dale, it just seems lazy – they had this massive 5G idea (which I admit I was interested in) and it smacks of just watering it down to this two month mini event where nothing meaningful is happening, character-wise.

      DiDio going was a good sign, but they seem to have handed the keys to Scott Snyder who has just saturated everything with his Dark Multiverse nonsense which has been drawn out way too long.


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