Untold Tales #466 Dormammu vs Superman

Honestly, my first introduction to Dormammu was Dreamslayer of the Extremists in JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE back in 1990. I realised the Extremists were versions of Marvel characters and recognised all of their targets except that of Dreamslayer. It wasn’t until years later with the internet making everything available, I learned of Dormammu and could fill in that gap.

Anyhow, as to today’s post – does Superman have a chance here?

5 thoughts on “Untold Tales #466 Dormammu vs Superman

  1. Definitely not, no. Not even the SA Superman would be able to handle someone on the level of a Dormammu. Maybe if he had help from Dr. Fate, or hilariously, Mxy. Otherwise he better hope he has Dr. Strange’s PH on speed dial.


  2. He’s Superman, he’s always got a chance. Dormammu’s a lot more powerful than Dr. Strange as magic goes, and Strange manages to pull out the win usually. If Supes can hang on until Dormammu gets overconfident, than he can figure something out.

    The one issue might be I think Dormmamu can draw on the life forces of the people he rules in his dimension, so the idea that more people are dying the longer the fight goes might throw Superman off.

    Who drew the Superman, by the way? Is that still Curt Swan, or somebody else?

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