3 thoughts on “Untold Tales #560 Frankenstein’s Monster vs The Demon

  1. Oh most definitely could you do a whole Universal movies monster film with those two. I mean the Demon does fit the whole cursed character aspect gimmick that most of the Universal Movie monsters all seem to have, so why not. Just as long as they keep his rhyming gimmick. You definitely need to keep that in there.


    1. Yeah, loved those Universal movies. Back when I was a kid, here in the UK we had a season where TV would show an old Universal horror film followed by a Hammer horror. That’s probably why the first film I remember seeing (aged 5!) was Hammer’s Curse of The Werewolf with Oliver Reed.

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      1. Despite them being a decade or so before my time, I too grew to enjoy the old Hammer Horror films. Probably because they were both in color & had an distinctive edge to them that they seemed to be even more scarier than regular American horror films up until the 80’s slasher graze came. Of course have talented actors like Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing & plenty of ample-bosomed babes certainly doesn’t hurt does it? lol.


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