The New DCEU… Oh Dear

Over at The Beat, there’s news about the James Gunn led plans for the reboot of the DC films universe, apparently being called “Gods and Monsters”

Among the interesting news like the animated Creature Commandos movie above, there’s talk of a new Superman film (no surprise there), a new Batman film with Damian Wayne as Robin (m’eh), Booster Gold coming to TV along with “Lanterns” described as an “enormous TV event series” with both John Stewart and Hal Jordan in the role, and The Authority coming to the big screen as well.

And most of that sounds interesting to me . . . and then I read this:

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow – this science fiction adventure, which will be based on Tom King’s amazing, award-winning recent comics stories, presents a Supergirl viewers are not used to seeing.

Ugh. Tom King, he of the over-rated OMEGA MEN and the god-awful HEROES IN CRISIS. And what’s worse, James Gunn is saying that Tom King is one of his go-to guys, one of the circle of writers who will help him fashion this whole new slew of films and TVs. Were the Snyder movies not dark and grim enough for you, James? Please, anyone but Tom King needs to be involved in this.

And regarding the Supergirl film, I’ll let you go read Anj’s take on that.

6 thoughts on “The New DCEU… Oh Dear

  1. Hmm, yeah that’s NOT good news for Supergirl fans. While I’m sure they welcome the attention & being given her own movie, should it bomb like Black Adam, execs will be less willing to greenlight another attempt unless Gunn’s up to defending it with his life. We’ll see I guess, but if King’s one of his go-to guys, best of luck DC movie fans. You’ll either love it or hate it, no in-between.

    It is interesting that Damian’s getting a movie as Robin before Dick or anyone else, but I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising.

    Do love what I see of the Creature Commandos movie though.


    1. I’m just overall saddened that they’re still going down the “let’s make our characters grim and dark” after the terrible Snyderverse failed. Not every character has to be hilarious, but let’s see the hope and goodness that these characters are supposed to inspire.

      And yeah, Creature Commandos looks good.

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      1. Same here. I really do hope Gunn doesn’t go too far in the opposite end of the spectrum as well & gives those movies & projects the proper balance they’ll need to prosper. Otherwise, it’ll just prove that Gunn should only be allowed to work on certain toys in the sandbox, not the major ones.


  2. Yeah, I did my own raking of this one, and I didn’t even notice at the time that the Lanterns production is some kind of police procedural or something but it’s on Earth. Instead of the original pitch, a space opera we get more grounded stuff. From the space cops. They’re also adapting Tom King’s Supergirl story, where she goes into space on her birthday to get drunk and gets forced to help someone. Thrown in a Wonder Woman prequel going “Game Of Thrones” style and the rest…I think I’ll pass.


  3. I thought the Creature Commandos thing was a limited animated series, but maybe I read the article I saw wrong (entirely possible).

    I didn’t see much that lit my world on fire, but I guess you can never tell, especially if they’ll let directors really put their imprints on the projects. Swamp Thing, in the right hands, seems like it could be really interesting in a few different ways.


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