Heroes In Crisis

News broke about the next big DC event, Heroes in Crisis by Tom King, dealing with heroes in “a sort of trauma center where [they] can go when things get overwhelming” called Sanctuary.

There’s more to it than that, of course, as it includes a murder mystery and is “also about what happens when Sanctuary fails, resulting in catastrophic consequences for the DCU

The cover doesn’t give much away, although that might be the Medusa Mask of the Psycho-Pirate that Superman’s holding, along with the figures in white who also appear to be wearing the same style mask, but among the many characters in the crowd, I noticed Power Girl, just behind Hal Jordan’s head. That’s more evidence that that the original PG’s coming back.

I’ll be picking this up, though it sounds more akin to Identity Crisis than any of the other Crisis events, and we all know what a bundle of laughs that turned out to be. My only real knowledge of Tom King is the much acclaimed Omega Men miniseries from a few years ago; while it was good, I disliked the abrupt change in Kyle Rayner as King suddenly made him a devout Catholic, something that was never mentioned before and hasn’t appeared since.

Still, I guess we wait and see.


Age Appropriate Ads In Comics

If you’ve ever picked up a comic from the 1970s, I’ve no doubt you’ll have seen the pages of classified ads selling the usual weird stuff that kids were into back then – you know, this sort of thing:



Spy Kit

or even

Flying Saucer

Yep, you kids back in the 70s could get your hands on all sorts of crazy stuff because back then, before the grim ‘n’ gritty 80s, before Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen made DC proudly proclaim that “comics weren’t just for kids” any more. It was weird and a bit hokey in retrospect but, you know, it was for kids.

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