CW’s Dominators

Catching up with comic news, I came across this first look at the Dominators appearing in the Flash/Supergirl/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover.

There’s a few glimpses throughout the trailer and I snagged the following close-up (click to enlarge):


The bright yellow skin and large caste circles on their heads appear to have gone, not to mention the green robes, but they’ve still got those spiky teeth.

I’ve never really been a fan of Arrow but I think I’ll be tuning in to catch all the parts of this story.

I Return To Good News

Mrs Earth-Prime and I returned from Sweden yesterday so I’m busy going through things, reading my news feeds, catching up with stuff, all the post-short break things you do, and what do I find: news that the Flash and Supergirl series are going to crossover in an episode called “Worlds Finest”

Supergirl Flash

That’s made me smile.

Supergirl News

For The Man Who Has EverythingWhile I watched the final two episodes of Supergirl before Christmas, with work and family and everything else I didn’t get the chance to do any write ups of them which is a shame – the final episode in particular was a cracker. The Kryptonian assualt, Cat Grant figuring out Kara was Supergirl, and Henshaw revealing he was the Martian Manhunter all fed into a great mid-season cliffhanger.

Still, there’s news today that a new episode is going to be based around Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ story For The Man Who Has Everything where Kara will wake up on Krypton as though nothing has happened. As the linked article says, there’s no word on any other heroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman or Robin appearing and – to be honest – those roles are likely to be taken by Supergirl’s supporting cast. It’ll probably be Jimmy, Winn, Alex and maybe Henshaw as J’onn J’onnz who find her with some sort of Black Mercy attached, but it’ll be nice to see some form of the story on the screen.

And hey, it’ll give Alan Moore another opportunity to lambast TV and film writers for not being able to come up with anything original.

There’s also other news about a possible crossover between Supergirl and The Flash which I would love to see. Both shows, while dealing with serious moments, have a freshness about them that would make them an excellent fit. Fingers crossed this comes off.

Flash Supergirl

New Crisis #7 Homage

Over the last couple of months I’ve been watching Justice League Unlimited – I never saw the series when it was first aired so it’s been fun catching up with them recently. Just this morning I caught episode 10 where Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Supergirl travel to the 31st century and meet the Legion of Super-Heroes and, following the fight between Supergirl and the mind-controlled Legion and Lantern, it looks like Kara’s ended up in a bad way:

COIE 7 Homage Justice League United Series 2 Episode 10

That’s a clear homage as far as I’m concerned, so I’ve added it to the page with the others.

Supergirl – Red Faced

Supergirl Red FacedPlaying catch up with the Supergirl series so only watched this episode last night.

It’s another solid entry in the series – Supergirl is recruited/forced to battle the new Red Tornado android to test its capabilities against insurgents, a test mandated by General Sam Lane (Lois and Lucy’s dad). Due to having already had a stressful day, Kara loses her temper, totals the Tornado and knocks some wiring loose allowing it to go rogue, something with General Lane blames her for.

There’s another parallel story – Kara needs to learn to control her temper both as Cat Grant’s assistant and as Supergirl, working out what’s really making her angry (the fact that she’ll never have a normal life) before being able to use that anger to her advantage. She and Cat bond a little more while Max Lord makes a short appearance, slowly growing his role as villain and yet potential love interest for Kara’s sister Alex. And then there’s the mystery about Hank Henshaw which the internet has already spoiled.

Like I said, another good episode – Supergirl grows a little more, General Lane is a xenophobic arsehole and Red Tornado makes his on screen début – but I did have a couple of problems with it, mostly about dear old Reddy.

Sadly, unlike any of the other aliens/bad guys featured to date on the show (or even Supergirl herself) Reddy looked like nothing more than a man in a suit:

Red Tornado

and not a very good one, either. Nothing about the character’s design said “android” – it was just a suit, a fact that was reinforced when Max Lord lifted the severed arm up as if it were made of polystyrene; the prop clearly had no weight to it. Reddy was described as a prototype, though, so I’m hoping if and when he returns, he’ll look a bit better.

And I’d put money on his return, as well, as despite Kara blowing him to bits at the episode’s end, Red Tornado has a long history of being destroyed and rebuilt which inevitably leads to scenes like this:

JLA146_welcome back reddy

Androids get all the love.