Patterns of Fear

Barbara Gordon, formerly Batgirl, now Oracle, watches from her clock tower as tensions throughout the world grow. She is startled by the sudden appearance of Neron demonstrates knowledge of her background before looking through the files she has been keeping on various villains.

Many of the villains are those that have received enhancements from Neron himself but it is the report concerning those members of his inner council – the Joker, Lex Luthor, Circe, Abra Kadabra and Dr Polaris – that interest him the most.

Eventually, Neron admits that he would like her to work for him, to compile information on his behalf. In return, he would heal the wounds caused by the Joker that left her in a wheelchair. Not only that, he would give her powers of strength and invulnerability on a par with Superman himself.

Steeling herself, Barbara refuses his offer, knowing it would lead to the damnation of her soul.

Confident of his victory, Neron simply leaves her.