Crisis #7 Homage Page Updated

Over the last couple of months I’ve found a few new versions of the cover to Crisis on Infinte Earths #7, the classic death of Supergirl, as well as a couple of better resolution scans of some of them.

One of them, I admit, is a definite stretch but I had to include it for two reasons: first, it’s one of the original Star Wars covers from Marvel in the late 70s and that’s always a good enough reason to include it. Second was where I came across it.

Myself and a group of friends manage to get together for a beer once every three or fours months these days, talk about films and books and nonsense as we enjoy a few pints. The last gathering was in a pub in my town and at some point I headed down to the toilet to do what I needed to. As I walked through the corridor to the toilets, I noticed a collection of comic book covers as posters on the wall; there was a Star Trek issue and a Doctor Who but what caught my eye was this one:


Even slightly drunk and on a night out, I thought “That’s close enough for a Crisis homage, even if it does pre-date it” and took a photo so I wouldn’t forget.

I’ve included it in the homage page along with a bunch of new/better ones.

Crisis On The London Underground

Mrs Earth-Prime and I go to London quite often so some time back we bought our own Oyster cards – travel cards which you can top up with cash that let you ride the Underground so you don’t have to worry about having change.

Just for the hell of it, I bought us both some Oyster card wallets from Ownster, hers with a photo from a holiday we had as well as one of our cats, and for mine I chose this:


I am such a nerd.

A Smaller Crisis Than First Assumed

DC have announced a big digital sale in the run up to Rebirth and, it’s no surprise, that a lot of the big crossover events are included, including the grand dad of them all, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

However, it appearsdespite the original multiverse shattering events, DC appear to have scaled back the significance of Crisis…



Apparently, the crisis only involved one Earth, not an infinite number of them.

(I know, I know, like I’ve never made a typo and inadvertently turned superheroes into superherpes but come on, this is one of, if not the seminal work from DC.)

And yeah . . . for $11.88 I might spring for the whole series. I mean, I’ve only got the original 12 issue series, the collected edition and the absolute edition so what’s one more . . . ?

More Death of Supergirl Homages Added

COIE 7 Homage Superbabe

Have found and added a few more Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 Death of Supergirl homages to this page including the one above which comes from the Gringo Comics three issue series called Superbabe. It’s a German indie title and, according to the Google translated version of this page . . .

Each booklet has 28 pages plump Action and cost only Eur 3:50 !!

plump Action” from Germany, ladies and gentlemen. It’s what the comics world has been waiting for.

Crisis House Ad

Came across this house ad for what was then titled DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths in Green Lantern #186, cover dated March 1985:

GL 186 Crisis Ad2As the first issue of Crisis was cover dated April ’85, just one month later, I can only guess that the ad was done months in advance which is why it still had the original series title.

Sill, it’s sort of nice to see that even at that early stage, the tag-line of “The DC Universe will never be the same” was in place.

New Crisis #7 Homage

Over the last couple of months I’ve been watching Justice League Unlimited – I never saw the series when it was first aired so it’s been fun catching up with them recently. Just this morning I caught episode 10 where Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Supergirl travel to the 31st century and meet the Legion of Super-Heroes and, following the fight between Supergirl and the mind-controlled Legion and Lantern, it looks like Kara’s ended up in a bad way:

COIE 7 Homage Justice League United Series 2 Episode 10

That’s a clear homage as far as I’m concerned, so I’ve added it to the page with the others.