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Following the success of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, it was only natural that DC wanted a follow up and plans were put in place for a direct sequel to be called CRISIS OF THE SOUL. For various reasons (see below) that series didn’t happen and instead LEGENDS was born. It was smaller in scale than CRISIS, both in numbers of issues and crossovers, as well as in scope, with a smaller cast of characters. However, those characters were meant to be the legends of the title and with reboots of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman underway at the time following CRISIS, the mini-series was devised as a way to explore how they fitted in to the DCU at large.

The Collected Edition

A few notes on both the collected edition of LEGENDS and the 30th Anniversary edition can be found here.

House Ads

As ever, DC used house ads and articles to promote the series; you can find a collection of them here.


As mentioned above, the first event following CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was going to be a direct sequel which never came to be and some of which sort of ended up being used in LEGENDS. Back Issue magazine ran an article on this proposed sequel and you can find more information on this page.

Character Map

I’ve put together something I’m calling a character map which shows which characters appeared in which issue, not only of the main series but the crossovers as well. Click on the image below and you’ll get the big, readable version.