Round-Up August 2021

As it has been for the last few months (years, maybe?) Dark Horse is still just the BLACK HAMMER titles for me. UNBELIEVABLE UNTEENS is Lemire’s take on the X-Men in the Hammerverse and is a great start with a comic book writer/artist being contacted by one of her characters who reveals that she used to be one of the Unteens. VISIONS continues a look at other characters and this one-shot is splendidly done.

Despite the promise of fun implied with the first issue’s cover, GREEN LANTERN continues down a grim path with dozens if not hundreds of Lanterns being killed as I mentioned a few weeks back. INFINITE FRONTIER is fun, though, in a crazy multiversal sort of way, but that’s one of the things I like when it’s done well. JUSTICE LEAGUE has me tired of Brian Michael Bendis – every character sounds the same, with everyone producing the same snappy, witty asides, meaning none of them sound as they should, Black Adam in particular. I recently picked up the collections of his YOUNG JUSTICE series and it’s much the same – even the Dr Fate of Earth-22 (the KINGDOM COME Earth) talks as though he’s in a teen-oriented sit-com. SWAMP THING is rolling along nicely, though the reveal of the big villain they’re building up to has been telegraphed since issue #1 and I sort of wish they’d get on with it. CRIME SYNDICATE, though, was just superb from start to finish, and if the heroic team from INFINITE FRONTIER are getting their own mini-series later this year, the anti-hero team from Earth-3 should get one as well. Really enjoyed that mini-series.

COMMANDERS IN CRISIS is heading towards its finish line and it’s been a good run, too, with both writing and art pleasing to the eye. Unlikely there’ll be any more tales in this world as they’ve basically started with the equivalent of the end of the world, but it’s been good. GEIGER continues to impress, with Johns doing some world building and Gary Frank’s artwork never less than spot on. HEY KIDS! COMICS! is Howard Chaykin kvetching at the history of the industry and part of me wonders if it would be more enjoyable if it didn’t feature about four time periods per issue. But maybe that’s just me getting old and wanting a simple storyline to follow. INKBLOT is still enjoyable though hasn’t really shaken off the impression that it’s being made up as it goes along.

A quiet month this one due to some delivery issues for my local comic shop so I’m expecting (or at least hoping) for a bumper haul next month.