Superman Swears Like A Four Year Old

Yeah, that’s right, you heard him – Superman said

Maybe letterer Albert De Guzman was having a bad day, or maybe he was telling everyone he thought Bloodbath #1 (from whence this little nugget comes) stank . . . either way, Superman said “poop” and that was the only thing about Bloodlines #1 that made me smile as I was reading it yesterday.

Now I have to read number two.

Heh. Number two. Poop.

Damn, now I sound like a four year old.

Doomsday Clock Covers

I step away from the internet for a few days and what happens? DC release the first covers for the forthcoming Doomsday Clock series where Superman goes up against Dr Manhattan:

Somewhere along the line, I’d thought this was going to be a six issue series so was pleasantly surprised to note the cover saying “1 of 12”

All trepidation around mixing Watchmen with the DCU aside, that looks like a really nice piece of work from series artist Gary Frank.