Aw-Qward . . .

From Guy Gardner: Reborn #2, August 1992:

This was after Hal Jordan had kicked Guy out of the Green Lantern Corps, forcing him to find another power source. He’d gone to Qward, with Lobo in tow, looking to get a yellow power ring just like the one the Qwardians had made for Sinestro all those years before.

Trouble is . . .

That’s right – Sinestro’s ring used up all the Qwardamite on the planet which means it can never be duplicated!

Oh, hang on . . .

It’s Coming!

And we’re off – the next series I shall be annotating due to overwhelming no demand, is the much derided 1988 crossover, Millennium.

If you thought Bloodlines was bad . . . well, you were right.

Let’s see how we get on with Steve “No amount of exposition is too much trouble” Engelhart’s magnum opus, shall we?

From Hell In Colour

Well here’s news about something that I don’t know if I want or not: From Hell, the massive, wonderfully dark and rich retelling of the Jack The Ripper murders that worked so, so well in black and white . . . is being colourised by the artist, Eddie Campbell.

The strangest thing about it is that, apparently, Alan Moore’s up for it:

Campbell says he’s still friendly with Alan Moore and convinced him that it was a god [sic] idea to do the new version.

Like the original, it’ll be released in individual issues and will start appearing in September. Unlike the original, because it’s already written and drawn, it shouldn’t take 400 years to be completed.

I’m really unsure as to how I feel about this – the original series does work brilliantly in black and white but at least it’s Campbell who’s adding the colour. If anyone’s going to know how it should look, I’d guess it’s the guy who drew the thing in the first place.

But, of course, these things take time, so all I’ll say is: Mr Campbell, if you need a hand colouring it in . . .


I’m here for you, man . . .