Infinite Crisis Annotations

After completing the Infinite Crisis annotations the best part of ten years ago, I eventually picked up the collected edition and made a note of the differences between that and the monthly issues – and there were a lot!

One big difference was a double page spread at the end of the issue, this time drawn by George Perez with more than twenty extra characters. It has long been on my to do list to actually get round to numbering and listing the characters in that spread and I’ve finally done it. Of the 117 characters listed, there’s only one I can’t identify:

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You can find the full picture in the Collected Edition page.

Update – thanks to Noel who told me it’s Lady Shiva as Jade Canary.

Those Most Precious Jewels

So there I was on the weekend, catching up with some back issues of Infinity, Inc from the late 80s (because that’s how I spend the ridiculously hot yet rare summer days here in the UK) when I came across #42.

Fury is pregnant (and most everyone knows how that turns out) so is taking some time off, and the rest of the team organise a going away beach party for her. Wildcat, as a rock magazine journalist, hires a band to play at the party and we get a splash page of the team enjoying themselves in civvies:

It’s nice to see a group of heroes relaxing every now and then as it makes a change from the constant round of battle after battle.

That said, I have to admit I did a double take when I noticed the name of the band:

Now I don’t know if that’s there because of Roy and Dann Thomas, the writers, or whether one of the artists slipped it in for the hell of it, but The Family Jewels . . . honestly!?

Whoever did it had some balls, that’s all I can say.