DC’s Rebirth Almost Exactly On Time

I’ve just finished reading The Flash: Emergency Stop trade paperback from a few years ago which details Grant Morrison’s (and Mark Millar’s) first stories as writers of The Flash. There’s a lot of nice moments in there (not least of which is Jay Garrick accidentally losing the pen which contains Johnny Thunder’s Thunderbolt who would later show up in Morrison’s JLA – a lovely bit of foreshadowing, subtly done) but one thing that caught my eye was the following scene. Wally and Jay are having lunch in a very Planet Krypton-style restaurant with a heavily disguised Nightwing and Jay waxes lyrical about how times change:

Flash Conversation 1

Flash Conversation 2

This conversation comes from The Flash #134 from 1997 which ties in with Wally’s assertion that “the Dark Age only just ended in ’95”

If Wally (via Gerard Jones and Will Jacobs in The Comic Book Heroes: The First History of Modern Comic Books) is correct in the 20 year cycle of heroic ages, then we’re just coming out of the age that Wally mentions as having just started from his point of view which means the recent DC Rebirth is pretty much on time . . . and I can’t help thinking how apposite Jay’s words are even now when he says “We’ve been through the darkness. Now let’s see a little light.

Of course, with everything that’s happened in comics in the last 20 years, you also have to wonder whether the Dark Age really did end in 1995.

Spending 1986 With DC – Just Don’t Expect Meaningful Conversation

I’ve recently bought a bunch of back issues (the first series of Infinity, Inc if you’re interested) and have come across a back page ad for a wall poster calendar of 1986:


I’ve seen that ad loads of times in comics from 1985 and there’s always been one thing that’s bugged me about it:


Yep – the main, colour image of the Teen Titans charging or flying towards us. Not that I have anything against the Titans, but like I said, one thing just baffles me:


It’s the fact that Wonder Girl is speaking the month, initials of the days of the week and then every number from 1 to 31.

Speaking them!

Out loud!

That makes no freaking sense whatsoever!

Isn’t this better:


There you go, DC of 1986, I’ve fixed that for you.

If you want to reprint it and send me a complimentary copy, please get in touch and I’ll send you my address.