Zero Hour Annotations Done

ZH04The joy of having a day off work – I’ve copied over the Zero Hour annotations from the old site and you can find them either by clicking the link on the right hand side or here.

This just leaves Underworld Unleashed as the last of those I’ve already annotated – once that’s over, I suppose I’ll have to choose another DC event to do.

Eclipso: The Darkness Within maybe? Day of Judgment? Surely not Millennium or Bloodlines?

Final Crisis Annotations Done

FC01Just finished bringing over the annotations on Final Crisis from the old site to this one; you can find the FC home page by clicking on the link on the right hand side or here.

Have to admit, it wasn’t my favourite series – it started well but as it went on, Morrison seemed to try and cram as many big ideas in as he could (and he does have some big, fantastic ideas) which led to a somewhat rushed ending that didn’t seem satisfactory to me.

But hey, what do I know?

Dejah Thoris Title Coming In February

Dejah Thoris #1

I mentioned before about a new Dejah Thoris title coming from Dynamite and in this interview with Gail Simone we get confirmation that it’s landing in February and also a little more information about it:

We gave Dejah a whole new story here. It’s in continuity, she’s not a different character, but she’s forced to put away everything and everyone she knows, and go live incognito as an entry-level soldier in the middle of nowhere. Of all the story directions, this is the one I think could be a real game-changer for the character. What happens when a princess who has everything, has to leave it all behind, even her name, in shame? To go fight a border war in a desolate land?

The fact that it’s “in continuity” is interesting and leads me to wonder what effect that will have on the John Carter: Warlord of Mars series that I’m also reading – is that story going to reflect Dejah’s apparent disappearance from Helium and if so, how’s that going to affect Carter?

Interesting times ahead, I think.

Supergirl – Livewire

Only just caught up with this episode as I was away on the weekend.

Another strong episode, sticking with the theme of Supergirl learning about her abilities but also working with others, in this instance teaming up with Cat Grant in order to bring down Livewire who was inadvertently created by both of them – by Cat who pushed her to be meaner and more aggressive, and by Supergirl whose Kryptonian physiology gave Livewire her powers when they were both struck by lightning. And on top of that, Kara’s foster-mom Helen Slater popped by to unfairly berate Kara’s foster-sister Alex for not looking out for Kara.

Supergirl meets Supergirl
Supergirl meets Supergirl

There’s more as well – the growing potential for the love triangle between Win, James and Kara; and the secrets about what happened to Alex’s dad and his links to Henshaw and the DEO – but this is mostly about Cat and Kara bonding. For perhaps the first time, Cat actually appears to be a human being and is a bit more sympathetic . . . and there’s also the hint of a possibility of a maybe of a bit of foreshadowing where Cat might end up guessing Kara’s secret ID. That, I think, would be for the end of the season.

It was good a episode even though they did what so many other shows do and parallel two stories – Cat and Kara’s relationship alongside Alex’s and her mothers – just to drive the message home. It was a little jarring, too, that Kara knew Lucy Lane but that – I’m pretty sure – is because this episode was rearranged in the schedule due to the terrible bombings in Paris the other weekend.