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Throughout the series, you’ll see an occasional character listed as unknown – use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page to get in touch if you can identify any.

WAR OF THE GODS was the Wonder Woman-centric crossover event of 1991. It’s been documented in plenty of places that Perez wasn’t happy with the lack of publicity DC was giving the series in particular and the celebration of her 50th anniversary in general. With hindsight, it might have been just as well.

The story is sprawling and incoherent in places, with too many plot lines resolved poorly and too many important details happening off screen, leaving the reader feeling as though they’ve missed something. I’ve read through the entire thing recently and I’m still not sure why the Themysciran goblet was so important!

The story is, sadly, not very well written; there’s little character development; the dialogue is stilted and, in many cases, used to name drop the characters in case you’re unfamiliar with them – handy from an annotations point of view, but not very natural. And where’s the joyous reunion following Wonder Woman’s return from the dead? The heroes band together specifically to avenge her following issue #3, but when she returns in #4, we don’t even see her saying hi to anyone other than Donna Troy.

That said, I hope you enjoy the annotations.

Collected Edition

It took a long time – and probably the imminent release of the Wonder Woman film – but the story was eventually collected into a trade paperback which held not only the main series, but several issues of the WONDER WOMAN series as well.

There’s a handful of notes on it here.

Collectors’ Edition Mini-Posters

The series was produced with two editions for issues #2, #3 and #4 – a standard edition and a Collectors’ Edition (which was the only version available for #1)

The Collectors’ Editions had posters in the centre pages and you can find small versions of them on this page.

House Ads

As DC usually does, they advertised “The Crossover Event of 1991″ in various issues of their own comics and here’s a couple that I’ve found.