JLI Is Back In The DCU But Guess What Else?

I’ve seen a couple of articles on the net following this exchange in Justice League of America #7:

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It shows that Ice and the Justice League International are back in the DCU; they’re part of the Rebirthed history although, to be fair, it doesn’t say which JLI. Everyone’s jumping to the conclusion that it’s the classic Giffen/DeMatteis era but it could just as easily be the Dan Jurgens written JLI from the New 52.

While I admit it’s a nice development, this wasn’t what caught my eye in this issue.

As you can see above, Atom and Killer Frost are in the wonderfully named Museum of Unnatural History trying to find a cure for her condition when they’re attacked by a guy who hasn’t been seen for many, many a moon – Terrorsmith, one of the villains created in the original Bloodlines event from 1991. And it is that original event, not the Bloodlines series from last year that had next to nothing to do with the 1991 crossovers as Terrorsmith himself explains:


Yep – aliens, necks, and spinal fluid, all the classic Bloodlines ingredients. And if there were any doubt left, here’s what he was looking for in the Museum:

Glonth, one of the original Bloodlines parasites.

So yeah, JLI and Ice are back in the Rebirth DCU . . . but so is the Bloodlines event and all the terrible, terrible metahumans it created.

He Most Certainly Will Not

From The Cursed Earth: Uncensored which I picked up a few weeks back.

Sure, I could have chosen to scan some of the great Brian Bolland vs Jolly Green Giant art that hasn’t been seen for years or the Mike McMahon Ronald MacDonald/Burger King fight . . . but that image of Tweak summing up Judge Dredd’s character just called to me.

Dark Universe

Man, that makes me want to watch those old Universal films again!

Back when I was a kid (in the long ago 1970s) there used to be a double bill of horror films on the weekend and it was usually a black and white Universal classic followed by a blood drenched (at least to my young eyes) technicolour Hammer Horror film and it was these films that fuelled my love of, and interest in, the horror genre for many a year.

Universal’s new shared universe, starting with the soon to be released The Mummy, gets a collective name of Dark Universe as seen in the montage trailer above that showcases the original versions and while the trailers for the Tom Cruise film haven’t set my world alight, I’ll definitely be giving it a watch.

After all, it can’t be worse than Benicio del Toro’s dreadful The Wolfman.

Can it?

Zack Snyder Off Justice League

I’m no fan of Snyder’s work and under pretty much any other circumstance I’d be happy to see him leave Justice League particularly as Joss Whedon is finishing it off . . . but deciding to quit because one of your children has died – man, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

My sympathies to the Snyder family.