DC Licensing Department Doesn’t Read DC Comics

Saw a little article over at The Beat about officially licensed DC products like bottle openers and beers coolers.

While I agree with them that making Wonder Woman’s lasso the bottle opener is just genius, the one thing that struck me most was the art/packaging. There’s a couple of photos at the article but this one sums it up:

The art is very definitely late 70s/early 80s – Batman has a grey suit with the yellow oval around the bat; Superman is still in trunks; and Wonder Woman is her happy post-Lynda Carter self.

As we know, hero costumes are periodically redesigned to give them a new look/boost sales (Jim Lee, I’m looking at you) but surely this shows that it’s not really needed – people will recognise these characters even if you use art from 40 years ago.

Holy Processed Meat, Batman!

Over here in the UK we have a supermarket chain called Asda (or, if you live in Wales like me, it’s referred to as Asdas) and somewhere along the line, I came across some new products they’re selling:

Officially licenced Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman burgers, with each burger shaped like the hero’s logo.

And hey, look at the variation – Batman gets your basic beef burger; Superman gets beef and cheese; while Wonder Woman gets beef, cheeseĀ and bacon!

Sorry, Bats, I don’t care if you offer me a side order Bat-sausage:

Wonder Woman’s got bacon. I’m off to Asdas on Themyscira.

Jason Returns In Wonder Woman #42

I’ve probably watched too many horror films over the years, because when I saw the headline Jason Returns in Wonder Woman #42 over at Newsarama, I didn’t think about Wonder Woman’s twin brother turning up.

No, my thoughts went in a different direction.

So I picked up my trusty art software, grabbed a couple of images and came up with this:

Yeah, that’s scene’s probably not going to happen.

Messing about with covers inspired by the excellent Super Team Family blog.