More Minifigs

Or at least miniature pictures of characters. Sort of.

Looking back at some old copies of Justice League America and Justice League Europe recently and I remembered the little pictures of characters that used to appear in the issue number box on DC comics back in the early 90s. Oddly, despite the larger membership at the time, the JLA only had two pairs:

issue_number_fire_ice issue_number_booster_gold_blue_beetle

JLE fared a little better:

issue_number_metamorpho_captain_atom issue_number_elongated_man_rocket_red issue_number_flash_power_girl

and even managed to get a few more in after their revamp and new members:

issue_number_elongated_man_power_girl issue_number_crimson_fox_aquaman issue_number_green_lantern_flash

I’d thought for a while that JLA/JLE were the only titles with those but a quick look through my collection turned up these from Green Lantern:

issue_number_hal_jordan issue_number_guy_gardner issue_number_john_stewart

A couple from the Justice Society

issue_number_atom issue_number_flash

(There was a Wildcat one but he was largely obscured by the cover art) as well as some odds and sods:

issue_number_waverider issue_number_monarch issue_number_heckler

A little detail on the cover which always appealed to me for some reason.

Eclipso Annotations Nearing Completion

Almost finished the notes on the tie-in annuals – only three more to go, then a detailed look at Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2 and that’ll be the main annotations completed. I also plan to have a look at the solo Eclipso series that followed it, as well as how things got wrapped up in the pages of The Spectre.

Having to read (or in some cases re-read) the annuals has been kinda fun on the whole, as I remember the early 90’s DCU with some fondness. However, having just re-read the Justice League Europe annual, I’ve been reminded of how terrible Power Girl was written back then – she was portrayed as constantly angry, a state put down to being allergic to artificial sweeteners in diet soda. So, in the annual, having been annoyed by her team mates, what does she do?

Power Girl Soda

Yep, she binges on diet soda and gets angry. No prizes for guessing who from the JLE gets eclipsed…