Customers Who Bought This Product . . .

There’s only so much money I can spend on comics, sadly, so not every new title that catches my eye makes it to my pull list. However, I’ll pick some of them up when the collection is released. One of those titles is Insexts by Marguerite Bennett.


I enjoyed her work on Earth 2 and Earth 2: World’s End so picked up the collections of the digital first series DC Bombshells and was glad I did as it’s good fun. Her other series from AfterShock, Animosity, is only two issues in but is already one of my favourite series. With that in mind, I plan to by Insexts as well.

However, on, there’s only a Kindle edition available, no trade paperback. So I did a quick hunt around and the British comic shop chain Forbidden Planet are selling it, or will be when stock arrives. All well and good, I thought, as I scrolled down the page only to find this:


It appears that I’m the sort of person who will also buy an “Adventure Time – Pop! Lumpy Vinyl Figure

I can only assure you that I’m not.

Digital Or Print?

I’ve long been a collector of comics – as Mrs Earth-Prime can attest, I have boxes full of the things, not to mention shelves groaning under the weight of trade paperbacks and while I have a steady stream of new comics coming in each week, I’ll occasionally pick up runs of series I missed first time around. Over the last few years, for example, I’ve picked up the John Ostrander Suicide Squad, the complete Darkstars and a couple of mini-series, not to mention the various tie-in issues for the annotations I’m working on.

(Which reminds me, must get back to War of The Gods . . . )

A few months ago, I joined Comixology more out of curiosity than anything, and ended up buying the digital version of Crisis on Infinite Earths because it seems I was unhappy with only having three versions of it already.

Looking through the site yesterday, though, I noticed they have the complete run of LEGION from the late 80s and early 90s, a series that I was tempted by at the time but back then I only had so much money for comics. Every issue is £1.49 which (as I already have a couple of crossover issues with series I was collecting) means I’d spend about £100 and have the entire lot stored in the cloud within minutes.

Or, I could go to My Comic Shop and pick up the back issues; most of them are $1.35; with postage that would be approximately £120 and would take between 8 and 14 days to arrive . . . but they’d be in my hands as opposed to on screen.

It comes to something when the deciding factor isn’t price but format.

Digital on the left, print on the right.
Digital on the left, print on the right.

A More Hopeful Justice League?


Geoff Johns certainly plans to brighten up the DC film universe, anyway, if this news story is anything to go by.

While there’s not exactly a massive amount of detail in that story, there is this:

Johns and his co-head Jon Berg worked closely with Justice League director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio to make the film closer to their vision of the DC Universe.

“We accelerated the story to get to the hope and optimism a little faster,” Berg explained.

To my mind, that sounds like Johns and Berg looked at the reaction to Man of SteelBatman vs Superman and even the not-as-light-hearted-as-the-trailer-made-out Suicide Squad and have said “Enough with the dark and the rain and the grimness of it all!”

Even the above picture is brighter and sunnier than anything we’ve seen from the DC films so far and that, this news, and the excellent Wonder Woman trailer all have me hoping that the Zack Snyder/David Goyer grim as all hell era is behind us.

Finally – A Reason To Subscribe To Netflix

I know, I know – people have been saying just how good Daredevil is and, honestly, I’ve been tempted.

Friends have raved about Jessica Jones and while I know nothing about the character, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the show.

The internet’s been excited about Luke Cage and the possibility (or is it a certainty?) of a Punisher series spinning out from Daredevil and again, I like those ideas.

A friend in work has said if I don’t like Stranger Things she’ll have to conclude that I’ve been replaced by a pod person.

I honestly thought about signing up and watching these shows over the last couple of weeks . . . it’s just that Netflix is another service to pay for and I already pay for Amazon Prime and Virgin TV which gets me most of what I watch.

Now, however, there’s news of another show that is coming to Netflix that has persuaded me to part with my hard-earned each month:


The ex-Mythbusters team of Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci have a new show called Mythbusters in Wonderland – sure, not the best title but they’re back on screen. I’ve long been a fan of Mythbusters and as much as I like Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, when Grant, Kari and Tory left a few years ago, a lot of the fun left the show so I’m keen to see what they do, so much so that I’ll be joining Netflix.

Sure, comic book based series couldn’t quite tempt me but entertaining science nerds? Sold!

So Much For The Redesign

Back last year, Dynamite Entertainment had Nicola Scott redesign three of their biggest female characters: Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris. Here’s Nicola Scott from the original press release:

Her big red hair and chainmail are iconic, and I felt strongly they needed to carry the look but be modernized. Keeping her hair big but out of her face seemed practical, and the idea of the chainmail tank rather than bikini was a suitable update.

The redesign Scott came up with works a treat – here it is on the left with the cover of the first issue by Jay Ancelato on the right:

Red Sonja 2015

I didn’t pick up the series though I did get the Dejah Thoris series – and regretted that due to Frank Barbiere’s dreadful dialogue and plotting.

Yesterday, though, I was flicking through my feed reader and came across this article about a new writer, Amy Chu, launching a new Red Sonja series in December. The thing that struck me most was the image they used from new series artist Carlos Gomez:

Red Sonja 2016

So we’re back to the chain mail bikini that offers no protection but shows off Sonja’s tits and arse again? What happened to Nicola Scott’s “idea of the chainmail tank rather than bikini“?

I’ve no objection to the female form but if you’re a warrior – male or female – and you’re heading in to battle against someone clutching a big sword and/or an axe, would you not want to have as much protection as possible?