Must Do Better

Inclusion’s a wonderful thing.

Let’s hope lots of things change for the better in 2018, eh?

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Crisis on Earth-Prime!


Meet The New Cowl

Not quite the same as the old cowl.

It’s a quiet time here at Earth-Prime – theĀ Bloodlines annotations are done, I’m sorting out putting together some new shelving for my comic boxes, and gearing up to start theĀ Millennium annotations in the new year – so I thought I’d hone my Sketch Up skills a little more by re-doing Batman’s cowl. The first version was drawn on by hand; the second version was modelled in Sketch Up and was better, but I wasn’t really happy with it. So here’s a comparison between version two on the left, and version three on the right:

Subtle changes apart from the ears but I’m liking it. Shame I didn’t get it done before my end of year post in a couple of days where I’m still using version two.

Now if only I can get better at hair . . .