Meet The New Cowl

Not quite the same as the old cowl.

It’s a quiet time here at Earth-Prime – theĀ Bloodlines annotations are done, I’m sorting out putting together some new shelving for my comic boxes, and gearing up to start theĀ Millennium annotations in the new year – so I thought I’d hone my Sketch Up skills a little more by re-doing Batman’s cowl. The first version was drawn on by hand; the second version was modelled in Sketch Up and was better, but I wasn’t really happy with it. So here’s a comparison between version two on the left, and version three on the right:

Subtle changes apart from the ears but I’m liking it. Shame I didn’t get it done before my end of year post in a couple of days where I’m still using version two.

Now if only I can get better at hair . . .

Boy Wonders Part 2

Fellow blogger Dale from Mr Morbid’s House of Fun (and major comment contributor on this blog) read the last Lego webcomic Boy Wonders and suggested that Nightwing be able to respond; I suggested to Dale that he come up with something and, in his own inimitable style, he scripted the following:

Cheers, Dale!