Justice League Of America #1


Now 20% as great as it was in the 70s!

I kid, mostly – the new Justice League of America #1 wasn’t bad although some of the dialogue felt forced and the whole “we’re a new team who fight each other more than the bad guys” thing has been done to death.

Nice to see the Extremists again, though, as I don’t think they’ve been around in the DCU since 2008 or so and the whole Countdown thing. They appear to have a couple of new members as well, and Lord Havok seems to be wielding Wandjina’s axe which doesn’t bode well for him. Chances of Silver Sorceress appearing to save the day? Slim, I guess, but we can hope.

Justice League Assembled

And when I say “assembled” I mean literally put together by my own fair/gnarled hands:


We all know the minifigs are the best part of Lego sets but to get a full set of Justice League figures would cost hundreds of pounds, which is money I don’t have . . . at least not to spend on myself. Sure, over the years I could buy sets for my nephews to get hold of the figures . . . but then I’d have to steal the minifigs from them and that would put a serious dent in my cool/weird uncle status.

Instead, I headed to ebay and found numerous sellers selling “custom” figures which makes me think they’re not entirely authorised but what the hell, eh? Twenty quid later and I have the Justice League in Lego minifig form stood on one of my shelves – not to mention the bonus Blue Beetle, Hawkman and Darkseid figures I picked up as well just for the hell of it.


I fear I may have inadvertently started a new collection . . . Justice Society next, maybe? Or the Secret Six for Mrs Earth-Prime?

Either way, I can take comfort from the fact that I can always blame my mate Spike for last year’s Christmas present. It’s all his fault.

Crisis On The London Underground

Mrs Earth-Prime and I go to London quite often so some time back we bought our own Oyster cards – travel cards which you can top up with cash that let you ride the Underground so you don’t have to worry about having change.

Just for the hell of it, I bought us both some Oyster card wallets from Ownster, hers with a photo from a holiday we had as well as one of our cats, and for mine I chose this:


I am such a nerd.

A More Hopeful Justice League?


Geoff Johns certainly plans to brighten up the DC film universe, anyway, if this news story is anything to go by.

While there’s not exactly a massive amount of detail in that story, there is this:

Johns and his co-head Jon Berg worked closely with Justice League director Zack Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio to make the film closer to their vision of the DC Universe.

“We accelerated the story to get to the hope and optimism a little faster,” Berg explained.

To my mind, that sounds like Johns and Berg looked at the reaction to Man of SteelBatman vs Superman and even the not-as-light-hearted-as-the-trailer-made-out Suicide Squad and have said “Enough with the dark and the rain and the grimness of it all!”

Even the above picture is brighter and sunnier than anything we’ve seen from the DC films so far and that, this news, and the excellent Wonder Woman trailer all have me hoping that the Zack Snyder/David Goyer grim as all hell era is behind us.

The Original Crisis!

Mrs Earth-Prime and I went away over the last weekend; we’re having work done on the house so it was nice to get away from it all and go and explore a few places. One of which was the city of Brighton which we’d visited briefly before but hadn’t had the chance to wander around together. Indulging my comic hobby as she does, Mrs Earth-Prime researched the place before hand and found Dave’s Comics

Daves Comics

which had a fantastic array of back issues all neatly arranged in boxes or on the wall.

And it was hanging on the wall that I caught sight of two comics marked up at a price that made me think “I’m on holiday . . . . I can afford that amount . . . . I should treat myself.”

So I did. A quick chat with Dave himself and I am now the owner of Justice League of America #21 and #22, featuring the first crossover with the Justice Society – the original Crisis!

JLA 21 and 22

It’s probably just as well that Dave’s Comics isn’t online . . . . I could easily spend a lot more money there.

Wonder Woman Trailer

This looks fantastic!

There’s a lot going on here but damn me it looks splendid. One of the biggest things that instantly impressed me: it’s in daylight! After the ridiculously constant darkness of Batman v Superman, the fact that you could see what’s going on here is excellent.

Gal Gadot looks to be building on her much underused appearance in B v S; Themyscira looks suitably otherworldly; Amazons Attack!; the lasso really shines; and Wonder Woman going over the top was just a piece of genius.

And the costume throughout looks so much brighter than in B v S:

Wonder Woman Comparison

This looks so promising!

Oh, there was also a Justice League trailer released as well.

It’s okay.