As If Cheap Lego Figures Weren’t Enough

I have to admit, I’m still indulging my Lego figure habit (thanks, Spike!) and have just ordered another batch; I should probably take a shot of what I’ve got and show them off, eh?

As I was trawling round the site, though, one other, non-Lego related item caught my eye.

Imagine you’re a fan of British action heroes but you can’t find a good figure of your favourite. Sure, you can find generic figures for the body but you want something that’ll be instantly recognisable as your favourite action movie star, something that your friends will look at and go “Wow, look who it is!”

As long as your favourite action star is Jason Statham, you’re in luck. Buy a generic Action Man/GI Joe figure, pull off the head and replace it with this:

A surprisingly detailed 1/6 scale Jason Statham head!

Is there nothing you can’t buy on the internet?

Who Wants Spam?

One of the nice things about WordPress (and the same goes for Blogger when I was posting over there) is it catches pretty much all the spam comments. Most times I ignore them but every now and then something catches my eye just before I hit delete on them. Like these:

Full marks for your automated bot including the site and page name – that shows some effort on your part, so well done. Still not going to click on the link that I’ve blacked out, though.

That’s kind of you to say that my site is “the right website” to talk about Blackest Night. Not sure people have been discussing it “for decades” though.

Thanks, but no interest in monetizing – I do this because I’m a big comics nerd, not so I can get rich by searching for that term I’ve blanked out.

I did get approached by a company who wanted to pay me to write promoted articles on subjects that they’d give me; I doubt I was singled out as opposed to being just another blogger sent an email in a scatter-gun approach in the hope that someone bites. I didn’t bother replying.

When it comes to making money of this little site, I’m with Batman:

Help With Sorting Comics

I’m currently re-boxing my comics, getting rid of two very old long boxes and going to some more manageable short boxes. At the same time, I’ve taken the opportunity to do some weeding and get shot of some issues that I no longer want – probably not as many as I should but every little helps, eh?

Trouble is, things came to a grinding halt yesterday when one of our cats, Solo, decided to help out.

Now what do I do?

Elongated Man Coming To The Flash

Well this is good news! Elongated Man is coming to the small screen in the next series of The Flash. According to the brief article,

[Ralph] Dibny will be a “fast-talking private investigator” who, after discovering his metahuman abilities will help Team Flash solve “one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.”

And with a bit of luck, if Ralph’s around, Sue won’t be too far away either.

I miss those two in the DCU – hopefully Rebirth will bring them back soon.