Go West!

Looking for somewhere to go on holiday this summer? Why not choose lovely Markovia?

As the caption (written by Mike Barr) from Batman and The Outsiders says, it’s a small country but it has plenty of things to do. The only draw back in today’s political climate is that it’s in

along with those other famous Eastern European countries France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany.

Wait a second . . .

Let’s take a quick look at where Markovia really is in Europe:

Now I know there’s no definitive line of where East and West Europe begin and end, but that’s pretty far from Eastern Europe by anyone’s standards. France, Spain and Portugal are the only other mainland European countries further West than Markovia! Hell, even Switzerland becomes Eastern European by Mike Barr’s definition!

Enjoy your Eastern European holiday in Western Europe, everyone!


Marvel’s Simpsons?

As regular readers know, I supplement my Lego minifigure habit by trawling through knock-off sites that sell them cheap.

Looking through some of the latest releases, I came across these gems:

Is that Homerine and Bartpool?

I guess if Disney buys Fox, this could happen.


I have a fondness and a fascination for sharks – Jaws is one of my favourite movies; I really enjoyed Deep Blue Sea and will cheerfully spend most of Shark Week on the sofa, watching documentary after documentary on these fantastic creatures. They’re probably second only to squids and octopuses for me.

Finding the trailer for The Meg has pretty much made my day.

It looks like it has waaaaaaaaaay more in common with Deep Blue Sea than Jaws and I really hope it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it sure looks fun at the moment.

And look – it has a giant squid, too!