Buy Me A Coffee?

I’ve been running this site for a number of years now – seven years on the original Blogger platform, and now just over six here at WordPress and there’s still no end in sight.

I originally started on the free version of WordPress but quickly upgraded my plan to get rid of the annoying ads that were cropping up – I hate advertising which is part of the reason I won’t use social media. All those massive companies scraping up personal data from me to target ads and get rich off my content while I get nothing at all. Nope, not playing.

The cost of the site and the domain name isn’t going to break me, but as I continue with my annotations, I’ve ended up buying a whole load of back issues that I otherwise wouldn’t have picked up – seriously, who else owns the entire run of MILLENNIUM and all the tie in issues?

With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to get something back from visitors, if they wish to donate. I will not now or ever make this a paid membership site that hides content away from users unless they cough up. Nor do I want to go down the Patreon route as that puts pressure on me to come up with some sort of special or exclusive content and, to be honest, I’m happy just half-arsing around and doing what I feel like.

So what I’ve done is add a Buy Me A Coffee button on the right-hand side which accepts one-off payments of 5, 15, or even a massive 25 GB Pounds so if anyone fancies throwing me a few quid, click the button and feel free. Entirely up to you – I’ll still be here, doing what I always do even if no-one donates anything. 🙂

Buy Me A Coffee

(And at some point, I’ll change that button to something like Buy Me A Comic!)