DC Licensing Department Doesn’t Read DC Comics

Saw a little article over at The Beat about officially licensed DC products like bottle openers and beers coolers.

While I agree with them that making Wonder Woman’s lasso the bottle opener is just genius, the one thing that struck me most was the art/packaging. There’s a couple of photos at the article but this one sums it up:

The art is very definitely late 70s/early 80s – Batman has a grey suit with the yellow oval around the bat; Superman is still in trunks; and Wonder Woman is her happy post-Lynda Carter self.

As we know, hero costumes are periodically redesigned to give them a new look/boost sales (Jim Lee, I’m looking at you) but surely this shows that it’s not really needed – people will recognise these characters even if you use art from 40 years ago.

I’m Back!

Brand new router arrived yesterday so there’s a ton of things to catch up on.

That said, over the last few days I’ve managed to get way ahead of myself for the Monday Mash-Ups – I’ve done covers all the way in to December, so it looks like that little feature’s staying for a while.

Will be back to normal posting over the next week or so, which should make all of us as happy as Batman.

Holy Processed Meat, Batman!

Over here in the UK we have a supermarket chain called Asda (or, if you live in Wales like me, it’s referred to as Asdas) and somewhere along the line, I came across some new products they’re selling:

Officially licenced Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman burgers, with each burger shaped like the hero’s logo.

And hey, look at the variation – Batman gets your basic beef burger; Superman gets beef and cheese; while Wonder Woman gets beef, cheeseĀ and bacon!

Sorry, Bats, I don’t care if you offer me a side order Bat-sausage:

Wonder Woman’s got bacon. I’m off to Asdas on Themyscira.