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  1. The Summoning!
  2. Time And Time Again!
  3. Oblivion Upon Us
  4. And Thus Shall The World Die!
  5. Worlds In Limbo
  6. 3 Earths! 3 Deaths!
  7. Beyond The Silent Night
  8. A Flash Of The Lightning
  9. War Zone
  10. Death At The Dawn Of Time!
  11. Aftershock
  12. Final Crisis


Throughout the series, you’ll see an occasional character listed as unknown – use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page to get in touch if you can identify any.
COIE07The cover of issue #7 featuring the death of Supergirl became a classic.

Various DC series (and those of other companies) would come back to this design – the fallen hero being held in the arms of a grieving hero – time and time again, usually on the cover but sometimes in the interior art.

I’ve scanned those examples that I own as well as trawling the net to compile a page showcasing as many as I can find.

If you know of any that I’m missing, get in touch.

CECollected EditionSome quick notes added about the Collected Edition of CRISIS which you can find here.

Nothing major or in depth but it does contain a couple of examples of how the colouring / restoration of the artwork really makes a difference compared with the original series.

Jla Incarnations 05The Crisis post-Crisis

By the end of CRISIS, time had been re-set and there had never been a multiverse. With that in mind, there could never have been a Crisis on Infinite Earths, but post-Crisis, the heroes would still refer to something called “the Crisis”.

You can find a handful of issues/scenes/editorial pieces that deal with this here.


The first event following CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was going to be a direct sequel which never came to be and some of which sort of ended up being used in LEGENDS. Back Issue magazine ran an article on this proposed sequel and you can find more information on this page.

LegendsCOIECoverLEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was a one shot special telling the story of Earth-D, a world that was more innocent than others in the Multiverse as well as being more racially diverse. The events in it take place mostly at the same time as those of issue #4 of the main series but it does feature events from both issues #3 and #5.

If read chronologically (Jonathan Woodward treats it as issue #4½) it actually spoils the reveal of the Anti-Monitor; in the main series, he is not shown until the very end of issue #5 but in this one-off, he appears on the very first page!

Still, it’s a fair bet anyone reading this in 1999 when it was released would have already read the main series. You can find my notes on it here.

DcRetroactiveSupermanThe80sIn 2011, DC published a series of one-shots under the Retroactive banner, bringing back creators from the 70s, 80s and 90s to create new stories focusing on the characters they had been associated with during those decades. Marv Wolfman wrote the SUPERMAN issue for the 80s and tied it into the Crisis.

When the Earth is threatened with destruction by a creature called the Dread, Destiny appears to Superman and presents him with a choice: to leave Earth and become the servant/assassin for the Dread, or to continue to fight in hopes of defeating it. If he joins the Dread, the Earth will be spared at the cost of the entire population becoming mindless drones; if he fights, the world will become a darker place. In attempting to influence Superman’s choice, Destiny shows him glimpses of the future which feature snap shots of various DC storylines from Batman falling to Bane in Knightfall, Superman’s own death at the hands of Doomsday, as well as events such as BLACKEST NIGHT and INFINITE CRISIS. Regardless of those future events, Superman chooses to fight in the hopes of overcoming the Dread.

Destiny leaves him and he wakes, revealing the whole thing to have been a dream that he will soon forget; meanwhile, Destiny arrives at the Monitor’s satellite – Harbinger had been posing as Destiny in order to test Superman’s resolve. Convinced Superman is their best hope, the Monitor decides that Earth-1 is the universe where they should make a stand, beginning in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #1.

Convergence8In 2015, DC’s big summer event was CONVERGENCE, a weekly series running over two months that detailed how Brainiac had captured various cities not only from the current DCU but from previous timelines and universes, including those pre-Crisis.

By the end of the series, Brainiac has had a change of heart and attempts to send all the cities and their inhabitants back to their home worlds/universes but is prevented by the effects of Crisis.

Brief notes on how he overcomes this – and the influence it has on the original Crisis – can be found here.

Green Lantern 143The introduction to the Collected Edition (see above) by Marv Wolfman makes reference to a letter he received while he was writing GREEN LANTERN which, basically, got him thinking about tidying up DC continuity, a train of thought that would ultimately lead to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

You can read the original letter and Marv’s reply here.

As with every other event, CRISIS was advertised throughout DC’s other titles in the run-up to it and during.

Here’s a page with the house ads I’ve found.

Back before I annotated CRISIS, I wrote a summary of it as background to my INFINITE CRISIS annotations.

Following the CW’s TV show crossover called Elseworlds in 2018 which featured the Monitor and then teased 2019’s crossover as being Crisis On Infinite Earths, the number of people finding this site looking for a summary of CRISIS skyrocketed, even though the actual page (accidentally) wasn’t linked from the INFINITE CRISIS pages any more.

So for those of you interested in CRISIS and wanting a quick summary, you can find it here.


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