Black Panther Review

Finally got to seeĀ Black Panther yesterday after hearing lots of good things about it. Review after the poster and the click for more link which will include spoilers so be warned if you haven’t already watched it.

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Is Hawkeye The Least Recognisable Marvel Hero?

I have two small nephews and one of them recently had a birthday and (being the busy and not very organised uncle and aunt that me and Mrs Earth-Prime are) we left it a bit late to get a present. So the other morning, I’m wandering around one of our local shops, thinking of picking the nephew up something super-hero related – he’s only just turned 3 so he’s not too choosy. While I’m a DC man at heart, Marvel merchandise is everywhere so that limits my choices, but one thing caught my eye:

Hulk and Marvel's Hawkeye

It’s a two pack of the Hulk and Hawkeye – but what caught my eye was the labelling at the bottom of the pack:

Hulk and Marvel's Hawkeye closeup

Why are they specifying that it’s “Marvel’s Hawkeye”? He’s right next to the Hulk in a pack labelled “Marvel Super Hero Adventures” What other Hawkeye would he be?

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