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  • Eclipso – the series (coming soon)
ECLIPSO: THE DARKNESS WITHIN took an old, little known villain and attempted to make him into a threat to the entire DCU.
Eclipso ArmsWomen Don’t Talk Much On The Moon

As I was annotating both issues of the series, I began to get a sense that the male characters in the story were getting a lot more “screen time” and dialogue than their female counterparts. Over the course of a weekend, I went through the issues and started examining them in more detail and ended up writing a small essay.

You can read the results here.

gnorts_eclipsoG’nort The Way It Happened

GREEN LANTERN CORPS QUARTERLY #4 from the Spring of 1991 featured a version of the events in ECLIPSO: THE DARKNESS WITHIN as told by the . . . errrr . . . unusual Green Lantern G’nort. His one-page re-cap may have overestimated his impact / participation in the heroes’ struggle against Eclipso just a little bit.

You can check it out on the right.

eclipso_house_adEclipso House Ads

There doesn’t appear to be a large number of ads for the ECLIPSO event, but what I’ve found can be seen here.