Rogue One: Ticket Booked


Unlike Episode VII last year, Mrs Earth-Prime and I won’t be attending any first day midnight showing type events of the latest Star Wars film. Instead, we’re off to see Rogue One on December 18, a couple of days after it opens.

I’ve not been impressed with Gareth Edwards’ stuff – I wasn’t as impressed with Monsters as everyone else appeared to be, and I positively loathed Godzilla so I’m hoping here, in the Star Wars universe, he does something to my liking. So far, everything I’ve seen in the trailers is promising, but I guess we find out in a few weeks.

Crisis On The London Underground

Mrs Earth-Prime and I go to London quite often so some time back we bought our own Oyster cards – travel cards which you can top up with cash that let you ride the Underground so you don’t have to worry about having change.

Just for the hell of it, I bought us both some Oyster card wallets from Ownster, hers with a photo from a holiday we had as well as one of our cats, and for mine I chose this:


I am such a nerd.

CW’s Dominators

Catching up with comic news, I came across this first look at the Dominators appearing in the Flash/Supergirl/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover.

There’s a few glimpses throughout the trailer and I snagged the following close-up (click to enlarge):


The bright yellow skin and large caste circles on their heads appear to have gone, not to mention the green robes, but they’ve still got those spiky teeth.

I’ve never really been a fan of Arrow but I think I’ll be tuning in to catch all the parts of this story.