Crisis #7 Homage Page Updated

COIE 7 Homage House Ad JLA #242Added a couple of images to the Death of Supergirl homage page which you can find here. One of them’s a homage, the other’s a house ad but thought I’d include that for the sake of completion.

Meanwhile, back to the grindstone with the annotations for Eclipso: The Darkness Within #2.

Redecorating The House, One Wall At A Time

I was away for the weekend – honest, I’m not just making excuses for not finishing the Eclipso annotations yet – visiting family and ended up walking through a bizarre odds and ends, not quite antiques type of shop that sprawled over about three different buildings. Tucked away in a corner, I found the poster below – it looks like a copy of a sign from the Flash TV series that someone printed out and pasted onto some board. Either way, it’s now hanging on my kitchen wall, looking good:

Flash Poster

DC’s Rebirth

DC Rebirth

After all the speculation, DC have released their line up of titles following the forthcoming Rebirth. There’s also a short video from Geoff Johns about it where he lays out what Rebirth is all about, how there’s something missing in the DCU. Over the coming months, we’re going to get a slew of Rebirth specials followed by new #1s of loads of series.

Just going on the titles alone, here’s what I’ll be definitely be getting:

Blue Beetle
Earth 2
Green Lanterns
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
Justice League America

With the exception of Blue Beetle, and allowing for a couple of renamings, those are all titles that I’m currently getting. I don’t collect Superman or Batman titles and I haven’t picked up Green Arrow since Ann Nocenti’s horrible run about a year into the New 52; similarly, I picked up the first Teen Titans after the New 52 but once it finished, I’d lost all interest.

There might be one or two other titles I try when the creative teams are released but for now, my current 7 monthly DC series remains static – a far cry from this time two years ago when I was getting 14 titles each month from DC.