Random Retrospective #5 – Green Lantern: Edge of Oblivion #6

The final issue of a mini-series that bridged (I think) the New 52 and the Rebirth versions of the Green Lantern Corps, EDGE OF OBLIVION was a tale of the GLC getting back to their home universe after being stranded in some other/earlier universe following the events of GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY.

Finding a single planet with one remaining city, the GLC are then suckered by some tall, good looking gods who claim to want to save the city and its planet. The GLC led by John Stewart and Guy Gardner realise too late that the gods are monsters looking to find a way into our universe and begin feasting – because what else do these sort of creatures do?

Multiple Green Lanterns are killed but as we’ve never met these ones before, their loss is used to illustrate the scale of the issue rather than to elicit an emotional response, plus as they die, their rings head off to find replacements and Simon Baz realises they must be sensing the GLC’s home universe. He tracks them to a rip in reality and follows them through.

The Corps move the city to Mogo and then push the aliens back to the planet which, like Mogo, is sentient.

With the planet trapping the monsters, the GLC (including Mogo and its new city) are able to reach the tear in reality and head through, disappearing into the unknown.

EDGE OF OBLIVION wasn’t a bad series – I remember enjoying it more than THE LOST ARMY that came before it – but am not sure it was ever mentioned again; I certainly don’t think the saved city on Mogo was ever revisited, though feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

It was nice, though, to see members of the GLC like Two Six, Iolande, and Graf Toren that haven’t been around much lately.

Mash-Up #233 Green Lantern and Justice Society of America

Three Lanterns in their prime? Yeah, whoever’s taken out the Society is going to have a fight on their hands.

Sunday Reviews

With being on holiday for a couple of weeks and having to catch up with everything, Sunday Reviews have been a bit scarce for a while. Let’s see if we can get back into it, shall we?


It’s five years later and we get to see just what Satan’s made of the place since he brought his demonic horde through. Sadie and her rag-tag crew – including Clark the Anti-Christ – have somehow muddled through before deciding to return to their childhood home where they meet someone we haven’t see for a while.

Nice to have this series back and being as fun and crazy as ever.


The League interrogate Abraham Slam and the others, while Batman and Cyborg work at getting out of the farm. Elsewhere in the Para-Zone, Colonel Weird and John Stewart view the final fate of the Flash . . . with surprising results. And Golden Gail finds a surprising ally when she breaks out of the League’s cage.

Another fine issue of this crossover – worth it for the interrogation scenes alone.


Chastity, fresh from hunting and killing some vampires, heads to an audition for a burlesque show where she finds a bunch of other actresses, all waiting for different auditions. Too late she realises the room’s drugged and the others fall asleep; when the bad guys arrive, they manage to overcome her as well.

I enjoyed Leah Williams’s work on BARBARELLA/DEJAH THORIS so thought I’d give this mini-series a go even though I knew next to nothing about the character of Chastity Jack. This sets things up and introduces her nice and quick, but it’s a bit lightweight. I guess we see where we go from here.


In order to regain their shadows, Hawkman and the Shade have journeyed to the Shadowlands to face the Shadow Thief, but the Shade recognises that something has changed within Hawkman – he’s more vicious than he’s been in a long time.

Venditti writes a good, fast paced issue with enough of a change in Hawkman to make you realise something’s off. A good issue of a solid series.


On an abandoned Zamaron space station, a small group try to summon the New Gods to go up against Darkseid but what they get is Blackfire and the corpse of Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, whom Darkseid killed at the end of the previous issue. She doesn’t stay dead for long, though, as Darkseid’s own Omega Force appears to have healed and empowered her which comes in handy when they’re attacked.

I’d be surprised if anyone thought Cruz would stay dead but she’s come back with an intriguing change. Interesting to see where they go from here, but hey – Red Lantern Dex-Starr’s joined the team!