Main Infinite Crisis Annotations Posted

IC01CoverAFinished off the annotations for Infinite Crisis this afternoon – well, the main series anyway – so have posted them. You can find them in the link on the right hand side.

I need to copy over the stuff from the old site about the Collected Edition and the tie-ins which I’ll make a start on this week and then update the links within the notes.

Then I need to finish off scans from the Collected Edition and look at incorporating new notes on the Infinite Crisis Aftermath series (particularly the Battle for Bludhaven) and the Brave New World one-shot. I had all good intentions to do those years ago but never got round to it. This new site’s as good a time as any, I guess.

Stay tuned – more stuff coming soon.

Britain Needs This!

I don’t think I’ve been so excited for a new TV series since . . . well, since a heck of a long time ago, to be honest.


I’ve long been a fan of the Evil Dead films (the originals anyway – that recent remake? Not so much) and having seen the trailer for this series leaves me wanting more. There’s a nice little featurette here which clearly shows the cast enjoying themselves but while the show is due to start towards the end of October in the States, it has yet to get a UK release.

I don’t care who picks it up – hell, I’m even watching Fox because it has the excellent Agent Carter – but someone here in our little island needs to be showing this soon.

Supergirl’s Red Tornado

I’m looking forward to the new Supergirl series – from the trailers that I’ve seen, it looks to be a lot closer in tone to Flash than Arrow or even Man of Steel (which is seriously no bad thing.)

However, the newly released image for Red Tornado who appears on the show has me feeling . . . less enthusiastic.

Supergirls Red Tornado

My Red Tornado’s is from the satellite era Justice League of America and looks a little . . . brighter:

Justice League Of America Vol 1 192

Still, I guess we wait and see, right?

The Paybacks #1

Paybacks 01Picked up a copy of The Paybacks #1 from Dark Horse last week on the strength of the ad and the write up in Previews a couple of months ago.

And I’m glad I did, too!

The basic premise is that being a superhero is expensive and, to pay for all the “wonderful toys” costs money. As we all know, cash is hard to come by these days so heroes will take out loans in order to maintain their lifestyle / obsessive crime-fighting habit. Trouble is, being on the side of the angels isn’t exactly renowned for monetary rewards – these people do it for the warm glow it gives them, right? But if there’s no money coming in, then the loans don’t get repaid which is where The Paybacks come in – “the world’s first and best super-repo team” as the inside cover has it.

The team is split into two with the first team’s target being the London based Archibald Primrose III, aka Night Knight who has a stately manor (complete with butler) and a cave beneath it stuffed full of gadgets – yeah, they went there. Elsewhere, the remaining members are trying to track down Battery, a key part of the Command, the world’s greatest superhero team.

Night Knight gets alerted to the presence of the team by his butler while he’s out apparently saving the Queen from the mirror-based villain Reflectoid:

Paybacks - Night Knight

While apprehending the Night Knight (eventually) works out just fine, the mission to get to Battery is less successful with most of the second team’s members being killed off screen before we’ve even met them. Which is a shame as with names like Destroyladon and Sister Mary Frankenstein, I want to know more.

The tone of this issue is light with jokes aplenty, both dialogue and visually and, as it’s mostly set up and introduction the characters are mostly broad brush strokes, the mysterious Driver being the one who gets most to do as he links both teams’ stories, but there’s plenty here to entice me to a second and further issues.

All in all, a splendid first issue from writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal with art by Geoff Shaw, coloured by Lauren Affe.

The Naivete Of Youth

Okay, maybe not youth…

I’m in the process of copying over my notes from the old Annotated Infinite Crisis site and had honestly forgotten how much stuff I’d put into that; not just the seven issues of the main series but a whole bunch of tie-ins and other odds and sods. It’s going to take me a while to get all of that over here, re-do some images, put correct links in to new pages and so on, but it’s getting there.

The reason I mention this now is because I was working on the notes for issue #4 and came across this:

Page 24 – Panel 7    From out of the Speed Force, grabbing Superboy-Prime around the neck comes Flash (Barry Allen), grandfather of Kid Flash. Barry is rare in the world of superheroes: a character who died and, to this day, remains dead. He has appeared occasionally (usually in The Flash during a time-travelling storyline or as a flashback) but in the present day he is still dead, having given his life during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

You have to bear in mind that I wrote the above in 2007 when Barry Allen was indeed “a character who died and, to this day, remains dead“. The idea of bringing him back at that point and basically negating his hugely heroic death in Crisis, was just unthinkable.

And then they went and did it just a year or so later.

Death – it just doesn’t stick, does it?

Flash Sacrifice

Image’s December Solicitations

I’m getting a darn sight more Image titles than I was this time two years ago when I used to blog so it seems only fair that as I looked at DC’s yesterday, I have a look at Image’s December solicitations today.

Birthright #12


Birthright #12 – really been enjoying this from issue #1. I think me and three other people liked Josh Williamson’s work on the quickly cancelled New 52 series Voodoo, and it was on the strength of that and the premise of Brithright #1 that I gave it a go. Haven’t regretted it since.

Black Magick #3

Black Magick #3 – at the time of writing, #1 hasn’t landed in my local comic shop but I’ve high hopes for this. And hey, Nicola Scott art is always a winner.

East Of West – not one I’m getting in the monthlies but I picked up the first trade a few weeks ago just because it looked interesting (faux-Wild West with apocalyptic overtones gets me every time!) and I’ve got the second trade to read soon.

Goddamned #2

The Goddamned #2 – another series where issue #1 hasn’t arrived yet but I have hopes for.

Basic CMYK

Mythic #7 – John McCrea art and Phil Hester writing; this is shaping up to be really good.

Nailbiter #18

Nailbiter #18 – the other Josh Williamson title I get which is even better than Birthright.

Conspicuous by their absence was Copperhead (possibly my favourite Image title at the moment) and Rasputin.

DC’s December Solicitations

Honestly, it’s always baffled me why DC release their solicits in about five or six different posts; thank goodness Newsarama habitually collate them all into one. Here’s December’s; let’s see what we’ve got, eh?

Harley’s Little Black Book #1

Harley’s Little Black Book #1 – not something I’ll be picking up monthly, but will probably grab in the trade; long been a fan of Palmiotti’s writing and Conner’s art is never less than gorgeous.

Justice League #47

Justice League #47 – I’m enjoying the Darkseid War storyline so far and the use of the Anti-Monitor and the Crime Syndicate is always a plus.

Earth 2 Society #7

Earth 2: Society #7 – the solicitation mentions Dr Impossible – is that Jimmy Olsen on the cover and is he Dr Impossible?

Secret Six #9

Secret Six #9 – if I wasn’t already getting (and thoroughly enjoying) this title, the solicit of “The team’s attempt to defend the Earth from invasion by the Elder Gods takes them to a creepy New England town, inhabited by one very nasty creature.” Secret Six vs Elder Gods? Sold!

Green Lantern #47

Green Lantern #47 – Sonar’s back! What do you think, Bito Wladen or the guy from Kyle Rayner’s run with metal sticking out of him? My money’s on Bito.

And conspicuous by its absence is Green Lantern: The Lost Army #7 which should be out in December. Another title biting the dust?

The above isn’t everything I’m getting (there’s Aquaman and Justice League of America for example) but that’s what caught my eye.