One Star Squadron

Originally I was torn about the news concerning ONE STAR SQUADRON, a new 6 issue miniseries coming in December.

But then I thought, what the hell? It’s a light hearted, fun book by the sounds of it, which includes Power Girl returning to the DCU for the first time in ages which is long overdue. Sure, I’m not a fan of my favourite characters being made fun of, but if the whole thing is played for laughs like the Giffe/DeMatteis JUSTICE LEAGUE days, I can live with that, even if the set-up seems a little close to FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Still, the art looks lovely:

And it took me a moment to realise that this guy on the right:

Appears to be a revamped/updated/brand new Heckler, based on the “HA HA” motif on his jacket! As one of perhaps four people who bought every issue of THE HECKLER, I’m glad to see him being given a new lease of life.

Infinite Annotations!

As long time readers know, my comic boxes are slowly making their way back from storage so it’ll be some time before I can make a start on annotating DAY OF JUDGMENT.

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d flex my long dormant annotation muscles by taking a stroll through the just concluded INFINITE FRONTIER which, while not a big crossover summer event, had enough multiversal connections (and was just so enjoyable after the interminable DARK NIGHTS nonsense) that I thought it warranted the same attention.

Work’s begun so hopefully finish in a couple of weeks or so.

Untold Tales #440 Justice League of America vs The Incredible Hulk

It’s the satellite era League trying to hold its own against the Hulk on a rampage, with the heavy hitters or Superman and Wonder Woman nowhere to be seen! Something tells me Red Tornado’s going to end up in pieces again . . .