Emerald Eclipse


Mongul invades the planet Daxam armed with several Sinestro Corps rings and easily defeats the planet’s armed forces. Days later, a fugitive finds a long-hidden alien space craft.

On Oa, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner talk about many things including the recent law forbidding relationships between Lanterns. As they talk, Soranik Natu arrives wishing to speak to Rayner. They head to Warriors and admit their feelings for each other; after Rayner reveals he has been illustrating the deaths of various Lanterns, Natu suggest he celebrate their lives by painting a mural.

On her way back to Zamaron, Star Sapphire Miri comes across Green Lantern Saarek who has discovered a piece of the Anti-Monitor’s shell. Saarek tells Miri that her dead husband – whose voice, along with all the other dead, Saarek can hear – approves of her new mission as a Sapphire before they part.

Back on Daxam, Mongul has invited other members of the Sinestro Corps and appoints himself their leader but Arkillo challenges him.

In the Sector House 2815, Sodam Yat and Arisia have captured the Sinestro Corps member Imecsub. They are interrupted by the long-hidden space craft from Daxam crashing into the Sector House, revealing the pilot to be Yat’s mother.


Yat and his mother are not easily reconciled; she and his father used extreme measures to esure that as a child he would have no interest in space or alien life forms to the extent of murdering an alien he had befriended. Despite the anger he feels for her and all of Daxam, Yat knows his duty is to free the planet from the reign of Mongul and the Sinestro Corps. After sending his mother to Oa, he and Arisia head off to Daxam.

Respecting Arkillo’s challenge, Mongul fights him for the leadership of the Sinestro Corps, a fight which destroys a large part of Daxam’s capital city. Eventually Mongul triumphs, ripping out Arkillo’s tongue.

On Oa, Rayner and Natu enjoy their burgeoning relationship before Natu leaves for Korugar to explain why Sinestro wasn’t taken there for his execution as shown in RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS.

In Sector 3599, hundreds of abandoned children cry out for the creature they believe is their mother: Kryb, who currently sits in a cell on Zamaron, undergoing rehabilitation.

Back on Oa, the Sciencells have a new arrival – Vice of the Red Lantern Corps. With him imprisoned, Kilowog and Salaak tell Gardner of the Red and Blue Lanterns they and Jordan had encountered. As the other Lanterns leave Voz to guard the Sciencells, the Scarred Guardian plots to tear Oa apart. She uses her powers to remove the gag on Vice who bursts out of his cell.


The Red Lantern Vice breaks out of his cell and attacks Voz to the delight of the captive Sinestro Corps members who also start to escape. Their delight is short lived, however, when Vice turns on them as well. Elsewhere, the Sinestro rings breach their containment cell. As the Green Lanterns rush to the Sciencells, the Sinestro rings find their owners and by the time the Lanterns reach the area, many of the Sinestro Corps are out and ready for a fight.

Sodam Yat and Arisia approach Daxam to find it guarded by a planet sized member of the Sinestro Corps which they manage to sneak past under cover of some meteorites.

On the planet itself, the Sinestro Corps hunt the Daxamites who have hidden within a cave system in a cliff. Unable to comprehend living beneath alien rule the people, led by Yat’s father, begin to commit mass suicide by leaping from the cliff face. Yat and Arisia arrive, saving some of the people and killing the Sinestro Corps members. Disgusted by his father leading his people to suicide, Yat forces them to fight against the invaders.

On Korugar, Soranik Natu and Iolande try to reassure the people that Sinestro will eventually face justice. Later, in their quarters, Iolande suddenly goes quiet; when she investigates, Natu finds Sinestro himself who claims to want a conversation with his daughter: Soranik herself.


Sinestro tells Soranik Natu that he is her father, born when he was still a Green Lantern. After his fall, her mother had her adopted but Sinestro found her and branded her with a small tattoo that would allow him to know where she was. Despite his claims, Natu at first refuses to believe him. He warns her that the Red Lanterns know he has a daughter but not who she is. He leaves, planning to eventually confront Mongul and while she is tempted to capture him, Natu lets him go.

On Oa, a full scale riot has overtaken the Sciencells as the Sinestro Corps break free, attacking the Green Lanterns while Vice the Red Lantern attacks any who come within his reach.

On Daxam, Arisia and Sodam Yat discuss how best to tackle Mongul and his army, with Yat favouring killing him quickly to throw the Sinestro Corps into disarray. As Arisia leads the Daxamites to safety within the cave system, Yat attacks Mongul directly, tapping into the Ion power he holds. However, unknown to him, the Scarred Guardian blocks his access to it. In an attempt to access it indirectly, Yat appears to surrender to Mongul who tries to kill him with a massive power ring blast. Temporarily empowered, Yat flies up into Daxam’s sun and, with his last act, triggers a metamorphosis, turning the sun from red to yellow.


With Daxam’s sun now yellow, the inhabitants of the planet develop powers on a par with Superman, finally finding the courage to fight back against Mongul and the Sinestro Corps. Arisia, though, uses her calm head and tells them how they must first train; simply having powers will not make taking back their planet easy.

Out in space, Green Lantern Ash is found by fellow Lantern Saarek who tells him that the vampiric creatures he kills in memory of his dead wife bring her no joy. Ash, however, cares not that Saarek speaks with the dead and will not deviate from his chosen path. They both realise, though, that the Scarred Guardian has given them the same quest: to find the Anti-Monitor’s body and prevent anyone exploiting any lingering power. As they travel together in hopes of finding it, Saarek mentions that the dead are getting louder.

Back on Oa, the riot in the Sciencells worsens as every villain attempts to escape. Some, like Bolphunga and Kanjar Ro, help the Lanterns in exchange for them putting a good word in for them. Lyssa Drax of the Sinestro Corps attempts to find her precious Book of Parallax but instead, deep below the surface, she finds the Book of The Black and the Scarred Guardian who pushes her within it, trapping her in its pages. Above them, the Alpha Lanterns arrive and join in the battle to recapture the Sinestro Corps members.

As they manage to contain them in a power ring construct, the Scarred Guardian unleashes the power of the Book of The Black and tears down the vast lantern construct that had surrounded the planet.


The Lanterns watch as the planetary shell is stripped away and wonder how the universe will react to the Corps’ symbol being destroyed. The Alpha Lanterns, meanwhile, take the recaptured prisoners elsewhere.

On Korugar, Soranik Natu tries to come to terms with being the daughter of the Lanterns’ greatest enemy. She tries to remove the tattoo he placed on her but it refuses to come off, while Iolande tries to assure her that it is her real family, the ones that raised her, that matter.

On Daxam, the newly powered Daxamites are strong and numerous enough to force Mongul to reconsider using the planet as his base.

On Oa, Salaak alerts Rayner and Gardner that the Alpha Lanterns are executing the Sinestro Corps members by order of the Guardians. Rayner protests saying that some of the other prisoners helped in recapturing the Sinestros. When the Alphas attempt to carry on, Rayner and Gardner resist them and demand that if there is no shame in the executions, that they take place in public. The Guardians arrive along with the rest of the Green Lanterns and, led by the Scarred Guardian, they decree that there is nothing wrong in this course of action. They temporarily suspend both Gardner and Rayner, sending them back to Earth.

Elsewhere, in space, a swarm of Black Power Rings is released upon the universe.