Crisis #7: Death of Supergirl Cover Homages

The cover for CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7 shown above became something of an instant classic and has been copied or referenced time and time again by both DC comics and other companies. As powerful as it is, though, it’s not completely original as there are a few that are close enough to it in terms of composition – the grieving hero holding the fallen hero in their arms – that actually pre-date it.

Here are the ones I either own copies of or have found on the net in various places.

The Original Re-Used or Re-Done

Pre-Crisis Covers

As mentioned above, as iconic as CRISIS #7’s cover is, there were others that predated it which followed the same basic premise.

Post-Crisis Covers

Whatever it was about the cover to CRISIS #7 that made it work so well sparked a long tradition of homages, particularly from DC.​​

Interior Art

It wasn’t just on the covers of comics that CRISIS #7 was referenced.

Other Art

TV and Film

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