Issue #1

As Barry (The Flash) Allen sends out his message to the heroes of the DC world he ponders on what happened to him in the past, fully aware that he too has died and come back. His recent return was due in part to the Reverse-Flash, his long-time enemy and cannot help but wonder whether this Blackest Night is the event that triggers the Reverse-Flash’s resurrection.

Elsewhere, the Rogues Tar-Pit and Captain Boomerang are unintentional witnesses to the black power ring raising the Reverse-Flash.

As Wally West and Kid Flash spread the word, Barry decides to head to Gorilla City, home of his old friend Solovar but before he can make a move, the Black Lantern version of the Reverse-Flash appears, taunting him. Keeping his emotions in check, however, Barry manages to escape him and continue on to Gorilla City which he finds in ruins, dozens of apes slain.

To his dismay, he finds the culprit is not the expected Gorilla Grodd but a Black Lantern version of Solovar. Unable to rein in his emotions, Barry’s rage starts to grow.

Back home, the Rogues watch as Black Lanterns versions of some of the earliest Rogues raid Iron Heights prison. Determining to face them Captain Cold leads the Rogues into battle, unaware that the Black Lanterns are waiting for them.

In Gorilla City, the Flash and Solovar fight before Barry takes the black ring and runs with it, scattering Solavar’s body. Moments later, as the Black Lantern Power Battery reaches 100%, Barry realises he needs to head to Coast City.

Issue #2

Having broken into Iron Heights, the Rogues are quickly attacked by the Black Lantern Mirror Master before the dead Captain Boomerang appears and attacks as well. Despite their defensive measures, they are quickly over-run by the other Black Lanterns, including the Golden Glider, Captain Cold’s dead sister.

Elsewhere, as seen in issue #6 of Blackest Night, Barry Allen becomes a Blue Lantern, filled with hope that his grandson Bart, Kid Flash, can be saved from the Black power ring. As he tries to find him, he is attacked by Firestorm and almost manages to separate the still living Jason Rusch from the Black Lantern. Before he can do so, he is attacked by Bart. Barry uses his blue ring to send constructs after Bart but his attack is halted by the arrival of Black Lantern of Reverse-Flash. Before he can do much damage, though, Wally arrives and counters his attack. Just as they gain the upper hand, though, the battle flips once more with the arrival of Solovar and the regeneration of the Reverse-Flash.

Back in Iron Heights, the Golden Glider attempts to get Captain Cold to feel something for her as the other Rogues are attacked by their dead counterparts. Cold, however, overcomes what faint remnants of emotion he had for her and attacks her. As he turns to Captain Boomerang, though, he is halted by the arrival of Owen, the second Boomerang, son of the original. Ignoring Cold’s advice, Owen kidnaps his dead father claiming he knows how to bring him back to life.

Issue #3

Intent on returning his father to normal, Owen has him constrained in a pit, allowing him to feed victims to the Black Lantern Captain Boomerang.

Elsewhere, the Flash uses his new blue power ring to combat the other Black Lanterns.

In Iron Heights, the Rogues combat the former comrades until they are distracted by the sight of the Reverse Flash in his cell who, to them at least, appears to have a symbol hovering over his chest. Taking the advantage, Captain Cold unleashes a cold grenade that turns the entire prison (including the Reverse Flash) into an iceberg.

At the same time, the Flash, fighting the Black Lantern of Reverse Flash from a different moment in time, is stunned to see his enemy literally freeze before him. Freed from the combat, Flash manages to contact Kid Flash, overcoming the black ring he has been forced to wear, freeing him from its influence.

The Rogues find Owen and the captured Boomerang and work out what Owen has been doing. Discovering he had been feeding women and children to the Black Lantern, Captain Cold pushes him into the pit where his father kills him.

As the Rogues head home, the Flashes head to Coast City and a showdown with Nekron.